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Lindsey & Jake – Steator Wedding Photos

14 Nov

It is high time this blog got caught up! Who wants to see a wedding?!

Lindsey and Jake got married in early October (my most favorite wedding month) and had a perfect outdoor ceremony followed by a reception with the craziest, most awesome dance floor ever! But we’ll get to that… We started the day with a trip to the salon:

Part of our wedding packages – food delivery as needed! That’s right ladies, he’s handsome, he shoots a mean photograph and he delivers double cheese burgers to brides who are short on time and big on hunger!

I’d like to show you a photo or two of the bride eating her double cheese burger while getting her hair done, but I’d like to stay in business. So instead I will show you this photo…

With the hair done it was back to Lindsey’s for the girls to finish getting dolled up and have a bit of fun.

Love that one! Everyone should have a crazy amount of fun on their wedding day!! Below – more fun. The photo on the left was taken when these ladies were at a grade school sleep over. The photo on the right, is the bride busting out the nostalgia and I think the bottom shot speaks for itself : )

Something to be said for having friends that long.  Love this next one – just hanging out in the living room, getting ready for her wedding, no big deal : )

Meanwhile, the guys were hanging out and having a few laughs of their own.

Lindsey and Jake’s ceremony was hosted by close friends who not only let them use their property, but went above and beyond to create an amazing ceremony space. The wedding had a baseball theme, so the tent was set up right over the infield of this backyard baseball diamond, how amazing is that?!

They even had homemade valet parking! Are you kidding me?!

A few shots of the bride all ready to go…

And then we were ready for some couples shots – but – they didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony so we got creative and made it happen!

A few from the ceremony. But just a few cus I know you’re itchin’ to see the purdy posed ones : )

Love this next one. Jake and Lindsey got engaged on this home plate so it was only fitting that they got married at it too!

After the vows it was time for some more couple shots (sans blindfold) and a few with the bridal party.

Seriously, Lindsey – wow – gorgeous!

I love these next 3 big much. They’re all my favorites because I can’t pick just one!

Before calling it done we stopped by the Woodland High School football field to help ourselves to some football photos. Let me just say that I am obsessed with the next photo. I love it. I was really just checking my settings to get the light right but the way Lindsey is standing makes this photo. Love love love.

To the bleachers! Big shout out to this bridal party for making these photos amazing. All I said was “go sit in the bleachers and pretend like you’re at a game!” and bam, perfection!

Time to load up the Party Bus. And oh what a party it was. There is a lot of happy in these photos!

The bridal party put up a baseball bat arch a la A League of their Own for their entrance!!

A little first dance…

A little toast…

A few dances with the parents…

And then it was time to daaaance!! And did they ever. But as mentioned previously, I would like to remain in business so I won’t be sharing the truly amazing photos that resulted from this dance floor. No, I’ll just keep those to myself in case I ever need to blackmail a bridesmaid.

To kick off the dancing, Lindsey requested a special song and gathered all her mom’s girlfriends to put together a special surprise dance for her mama. She picked a song they’d loved to dance to when she was little. The song? Going Out Dancin by Rod Stewart! As you might infer by…you know…my name…I’m inclined to love me some Rod Stewart. Her mom was obviously surprised, love this:

And from there all dancing hell just broke loose…

For future bride’s I’d like to remind you to consider a few important things when selecting your bridesmaids. You need girls who will really be there for you in a pinch.

For example, will she put out the imaginary fire on your dad’s pant leg??

Will she mop the dance floor mid-song when someone spills a beer?

Such responsibility should not be taken lightly.

Typically when I’m shooting dancing photos I just try to move through the crowd and snag some actions shots. Usually I go unnoticed. But some strange phenomenon was taking place at this reception and I kept getting pointed at. I would sneak into the middle of the floor, snag a few shots, turn around and someone would point at me! The first few times I thought it was a coincidence. After that I couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on, so I just went with it. That said… Ladies and Gentlemen my favorite pointing pictures from the evening…

See?! I have no idea. But I know I had a real good time!

Lindsey and Jake – Thanks for letting Zac and I be a part of your big day! Every part of it was beautiful and you are very blessed to have such wonderful (and fun!) family and friends. Cheers to you!

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Tay & Dan’s Preview ~ Streator, IL Wedding

31 Aug

Time for another beautiful wedding! I was very excited for this wedding because Tay and Dan’s engagement shoot was such a blast. They are completely relaxed and perfect together and it’s easy to see that they instantly bring out the best in one another.

I was going to go only with formal shots and save the details and dancing business for later. But I didn’t. It’s my blog and I’m the decider so that’s that.

Here we go…we begin with one of my favorites. The bride waiting as her mom does up the back of her gown…

And we’ll skip to the marriage part… I promise to fill in the gaps of this story later!

And to give credit where it is most certainly due…that’s the husband’s shot : )

Gorgeous, gorgeous bouquet! Had to include this shot because I know the mama of the bride was excited to see it : ) That lovely rosary was a gift to the bride from her dad when she was a little girl. Perfect.

Big shout out to Flowers Plus in Streator for rocking these flowers!!

Love that shot of the guys! See that laughing guy the far back right? I called him Mary all day, and he put up with it. Just so you know.

And skipping to a very happy first dance photo…

And a sweet shot from the father-daughter dance…

And that will do it for sentimental and appropriate…moving on to the hilarious…

So, we’re all chillin’ at Starved Rock, I’m doin my thang, taking some pics. Whatev. And Tay says she would like a photo first with her brother alone, then with her brother and her sister.

So I take this photo:

I look down to check the screen on my camera and the next thing I know, there’s a commotion. Apparently, the brother of the bride, attempting to be kind to his sister on her wedding day, turned and kissed her on the cheek.

Except….the bride turned to say something to her brother and…well…

oh yeah…

…for future reference folks, “You may kiss the bride” only applies to the groom.

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Joe & Sarah’s Preview ~ Streator, IL Wedding

30 Aug

It’s preview time for Joe & Sarah! I’m only sharing the more posed photos for now…I’ll be back later will a full post dedicated to their whole wedding day, so you’ll have to wait until then for the details and story-telling shots.

So here we go….

Loved the color of those nasty old garage doors!!

After the ceremony, we made a visit to Twin Creeks where I saw this structure and said “What the hell is that??” (Apparently, it’s a scoreboard of sorts.) And then someone else said, “Can we get up on it?” Well, why not?!

This bridal party was a blast! It’s a very unique, very cool thing to photograph weddings. But it adds a whole different level when the you’ve known the bride and groom and most of the bridal party since high school. Then it’s just kind of surreal.

Check those studs out! Love it!!

Getting some attitude from the ladies : )

Love! They’re so easy to be around and to photography because they’re so easy together. It isn’t hard to tell when a couple has been together for-ev-er, and Joe and Sarah have. I – not surprisingly – am a big fan of high school sweet hearts : ) there is something to be said for a relationship when people grow up together and not apart.

Gorgeous!! That dress was perfect for her!

And one more of the bride because I’m loving this picture…

Stick around, lots more to come in the next several weeks.

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Tay & Dan’s Engagement Pics!

9 May

Prior to their session, I asked Tay and Dan to think about where they wanted to have their engagement photos taken. I suggested they think about what would really capture them at this point in their lives and not just default to standard Streator locations.

They came up with Seneca. Dan lives in Seneca and they claimed to have had a lot of good times out and about around the small town. So off to Seneca we went and we captured some beautiful photos in some locations that really help tell their story!

LOVE that one…and this next one…

And these two…

Tiny purple flowers all over in the grass?? Yes, please!!

Love this one too. In so many of shots you can see exactly how much fun they have together and how much they like hanging out together. I like that.

Seriously one of the most beautiful people I know.

And a handsome man to match…

That is not their truck. Just for the record. But I liked it so we borrowed it. Much thanks to whoever owns that truck! Probably it’s the same person who owns the awesome garage in these next photos so again..thanks : )

I noticed these pretty colored picnic tables as we drove over the bridge into Seneca so I drug them across town to make use of them.

But what I really ended up loving was the nearby dock…

As we were walking out to the docks Tay mentioned she wanted a few fun shots with this old tour boat that was sitting nearby. So we made our way over the boat and as we approached, Dan realized it was the exact boat that he used to give tours on at Starved Rock! How crazy is that?! Once we knew that we had to have a little boat fun…

After the Love Boat we wrapped things up in their favorite corner booth at a bar & grill that they like to hang out in downtown Seneca. The folks there were nice enough not to mind me climbing around them with my camera. I’d give them a shout out and suggest you grab a bit there but I can’t remember the name!!

Can’t wait for Tay & Dan’s August wedding!!

Erin & Troy’s Wedding!

3 Jan

Back in September I traveled to Erin & Troy’s wedding in Monmouth, Il. I’m excited to (finally) share these photos with you for one very big reason. Surely you’ve heard me say (800 times) what my favorite type of photo is, right?

<Waits for correct answer.>

Photos of people laughing, exactly. Thanks for paying attention.

Well this wedding resulted in more photos of people laughing than you can imagine. And not only that, the laughing people all had big, happy, smiling laughs. These were some of the most enjoyable photos to put together because looking through them, I was laughing too. Something good to be said for a wedding with that much happy : )

We begin, of course, at the salon.

We’re about to begin with the big happy laughing…

I heart this photo of them checkin’ out her shoes. Totally heart it.

I love the getting ready part of a wedding day. Its all calm and moving along until suddenly there’s a big flurry of motion…

…the hook of a few buttons…

…and the next thing you know, you’re looking at a bride.

Loved this idea – she used rhinestone stickers to put the groom’s initials on her shoulder!

Once everyone was all dolled up, it was time for the first look.

Thought I’d through in another one of those happy laughs for ya. Smiling yet?

The pick your own dress deal can be risky – but these girls pulled it off big time!

Is anyone keeping count of the laughs?

Take note of this photo if you plan to have bird seed tossed at you. Flying birdseed stings the skin. : )

And we’re off to the reception and its lovely fall decorations. Do I love anything more than mason jars? I do not.

There was a bag piper outside to greet the guests. LOVED it!!

When the bridal party arrived to see the bag piper, much laughing and good time having occurred…

Clearly, a lover of the bag pipes.

Erin started out her father-daughter dance the usual way. Then she grabbed her mom and the 3 of them danced together. But mostly they just hugged and laughed : ) This is one of  my favorites

The night commenced with much dancing and of course, much laughing : )

What a happy, happy wedding. Many congrats to Erin and Troy!

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