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The Worst Bumbo Ever

2 Nov

So I have this awesome little Godbaby named Claire…

She’s cute.

And she has the cutest, chubbiest little thighs you ever did see.

Trouble is, her cute chubby little thighs don’t really fit in her bumbo seat! And where is a baby to sit if not in a bumbo? Well Zac and I were very dismayed by this business of Claire not having a proper seat so we decided to make her her very own bumbo, with plenty of room for her thighs.

So we told Claire about it and she was all, “Whoa! Fer real?!”

And we’re like, “Yeah for real.”

So we bring out the homemade, roomy bumbo and we put her it in…

“Umm…what the hell kind of bumbo is this???”

She promptly decided it was the worst. bumbo. ever.

And then she sounded the alarm and alerted the surrounding 16 counties that we were torturing her for the sake of cute photos.

And we promptly removed her from the pumpkin before anyone had time to call DCFS and report people in the woods stuffing babies in pumpkins.

Eventually we introduced Claire to a better, more suitable seat. And it was still bright orange…

And she sat happily ever after.




Kathleen, Craig & Owen ~ Edwardville Family Photos

24 Oct

There is an unbelievable amount of happy in the photos I’m about to share with you. On any given day I love my job. Tonight, I love it crazy amounts.

Can you blame me? Look at all of this happiness!!

And this little face!

Little man was really diggin that wooden chair. I grabbed that thing on a whim for $11 as I was walking past an antique store. It has proven to be the most popular thing I own.

This one is pure and complete joy. It’s like the photographic equivalent of warm cookies. I’ve already looked at it 100 times tonight.

The variety of light in the Gardens at SIUe has been amazing this fall. So different from one spot to the next and so beautiful everywhere I turn!

Love this last one… When Owen sat down next to his mama for this picture he looked over at her feet, then he crossed his ankles. I died.

More to come I’m sure : )

The Escue Family ~ Edwardsville Family Photos

24 Oct

I met up with the Escue family at the Gardens at SIUE – which has been providing some seriously amazing light and fall color in the past few weeks! These are great example that even if your kids are a bit grown up and busy with high school or living away at college – it’s still worth it to get some family photos!

Love the laughs in this one : )

These two girls have the same gorgeous eyes! Love it!

The beau stopped by for a few shots : )

Holiday Card Sale!

19 Oct

What better way to make your holidays happy and personal than by making great use of your favorite photos! As the holiday season approaches Maggie Medema Photography will be offering a series of sales to help you send happy wishes, deck your halls and put fabulous gifts in the hands of your favorite people.

Keep an eye on the blog and the Facebook fan page for the latest!

We’ll begin with some casual . natural . happy holiday cards!

This offer gets you 50 5×7 flat cards, printed front and back for $60. That’s a $20 saves off the regular price!

Sale ends October 31, 2011 – so don’t wait!!
Offer available to anyone who has had a session/wedding in 2011.
Photo session not planned until after that – get in touch for details on pre-ordering and locking in the sale price.

You’ll select from five fun designs, all featuring an awesome chalkboard design made to compliment your photos. We can customize the greeting with your names and alter the colors to match your photos. Some may say Merry Christmas but we can customize messages to fit your personal celebrations. Festivus cards anyone?

Check out all 5 designs. Fronts are on the left, backs are on the right. You can even mix and match the various fronts and backs to make the perfect card!

Click to view larger!!

Sneak Peek: Baby Mason

3 Oct

Check out this handsome little man…

He arrived while we were in Ireland, so a day or 2 after we got home we went to visit Melanie and Brian and their new addition, Mason. Lucky for Mason, I bought this awesome, warm, cuddly scarf in Ireland. He liked it : )

Nothing more personal than newborn photos at home! It captures such a cool memory for everyone.

More to come soon!

PS – If you came here wondering when the heck I’m going to post another Ireland segment, do not fret…there’s more coming soon! The blogs are written…it just takes a reallllly long time to sort and prepare the photos. So hang in there with me!

Holiday Card Mini Sessions!!

26 Sep

Tis the season to start thinking about photos for Holiday cards (and holiday gifts)!

It’s one of those things you always say you’re going to do next year, right? You get a holiday card in the mail of the beautiful, smiling, family next door or your cousin sends a card with her gorgeous kids on the front. This, of course, is just days after you hastily stamped the envelopes of some mass produced cards with snowmen on the front. Snowmen no one even knows. Instead of the beautiful faces of your family. Sigh.

But this is the year to make it happen!

I’ve put together a great little package to make it all tidy and easy for you. I’ll be offering a full day of Holiday Card mini sessions in the Edwardsville area. You’ll get a nice selection of photos of you and yours, a set of awesome Holiday Cards (pick from 5 designs), and a bit of print credit too.

Check out the details below and then contact me ASAP to sign up! There’s only room for 5 sessions so act fast. Samples of the card designs follow. Be sure to check out the Things to Know and Fine Print at the bottom of the post : )

Holiday cards are also available for any client who has had a photo session since April 2011. You’ll just select from your finished photos. Rate is $40 per set of 25 cards/envelopes, $50 per set of the tri-fold.

Cards are printed on a flat 5×7 card, front and back. Front is shown on the left, back on the right. Colors can be customized!

(Click to view larger!!)

(Tri-fold, outside on top, inside on bottom.)

Don’t forget that beautiful framed photos make wonderful (and affordable) holiday gifts for your family members!

Things to know:
It will be late October, so dress appropriately and take advantage of the chance to show off great chunky sweaters or tailored pea coats, hats, scarves, etc. Rock those layers baby!

You’ll be able to select 1 of the 5 pre-made holiday card designs to be personalized with your names and selected photos for the included set of 25 cards. Additional sets will be available for $40 (may choose different design for each set purchased if you like). There is a 6th design option which is a tri-fold card. Add $10 for this option.

Fine Print: Rate applies to groups or 5 of less. Email for details on larger groups, additional fees will apply. A non-refundable deposit of $50 is required to hold a spot, the remaining balance is due at the session. A rain date has been set in case of inclement weather. Due to the “mini” nature of the sessions, DVDs of all finished, high-res files with print release will be sold for the “mini” price of $80.

Email maggie@maggiemedemaphoto.com to secure a spot!

Baby Jack & Family ~ O’Fallon Newborn Photography

25 Sep

Whoa buddy have I gotten behind on full blog posts! Time to play catch up and we’re starting with a teeny tiny redhead…

and everyone’s favorite blond…

That’s right! Mya is back! And she has a baby brother and she loves him. Actually, while I was doing the photos, Mya looked at Jack and then told me “He really loves me.” No comment on her feelings about Jack : )

Little Mister Jack was wide awake for most of the session. I know people love them some sleeping baby photos but I have to say I love them either way. You’ll agree when you see these expressions…

Bebe faux hawk : )

Jack was the star of the show for this session but you know I couldn’t leave without getting a few of Mya : ) We spent a few minutes playing the backyard and here’s what we came up with…

These next two are favorites. Not like – favorites from this session – but favorites in life. They’re similar but I love them so you get both…

There’s still time to get fabulous photos of you and yours before the weather changes! Get in touch now to get on the fall schedule, or take a look at the special below to see if you can take advantage of some discounted dates.

And remember…gift certificates for photo sessions are available and make a wonderful gifts for adult children, expectant parents, or for your own parents. Nothing says Happy Holidays like a gift they’ll cherish for generations. (Whoa. I’m sending my resume to Hallmark right now.) Contact me for details.

Oh hey, while I’m promoting things… Baby Jack’s family got a great deal on this newborn session because they took advantage of the Oh Baby! Package. If you’ve got a bun in the oven or a stork on your doorstep or….um…you’re pregnant, you might think about doing the same : )