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Sneak Peek: Taylor & Dan’s Engagement Pics!

25 Apr

Sigh. This was one of those sessions.

You know…where the light is perfect and the couple is perfect and I love the photos so much that I weep as I edit them.

The last part may have been an exaggeration. But seriously. I some how found enough discipline to limit the number of photos I’m sharing in this sneak peek but brace yourself because when these photos are finished I’m going to blog every last one of them. And then I’m going to write an essay to accompany each one so can I explain exactly why and to what extend I am obsessed with the image.

Let’s get to it. We begin with one of my latest obsessions – sunflare in black and white:

And to compliment it, one of my long standing obsessions – sunflare in color : )

Hows that for a happy photo? Girls…hold out until you find a man who makes you smile like that, okay? Promise? Good.

I love the light in that photo. Love it love it love it! The best thing about days like the one we shot on is how the light can look so warm and glowy like it does in that one above or so crisp and clean like it does in this one…(I’m sorry you don’t really care about the light do you?)

Holy goodness they are beautiful people!

That’s all for today but there are many, many more to come!