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Bloomington Boudoir Marathon

23 Oct

Thinking about joining the sexy fun and signing up for a boudoir session? You really should. Allow me to present my case…

Visit I present visual evidence:

And now the Top 10 Reasons you should sign up for the November Boudoir Marathon:

10. You’re hotter than you think.

9. Some day you’re going to be 60. And things won’t be where they are now. Capture the moment, ma’am, capture it.

8. It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A boudoir shoot will make you very aware of your breasts.

7. When you’re feeling really lame you can remind yourself, “I had nakie photos taken. I’m a bad ass.”

6. You’ll finally have a good reason to buy this:

5. Because he has no idea you’re that kind of girl.

4. You’ll have something to distract him with when you really just want to wear sweatpants.

3. You have no plans of running for public office anyway.

2. For all those times you’ve struck poses in your bathroom mirror. It’s time those pouty lips met a camera lens.

1. A little black book. A big red bow. Mer-ry Christmas.

Saturday, November 12 – Sunday, November 13 – Bloomington, IL

Session Fee is $220 and includes
2 hour session
5 outfit changes
fabulous location
disk of all finished, high-resolution photos with print release (order your own prints, make an album, a photo mouse pad, a coffee mug, whatev…)
massive boost of confidence


Protected: Chicago Boudoir Part 2! Password “Boudoir”

22 Mar

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Bringing Sexy Back

21 Mar

I recently held my very first boudoir shoots and I am so so excited to share the results with you!

If you aren’t familiar with boudoir photography, I’ll explain…

Currently, boudoir is all the rage for brides-to-be and ladies on the lookout for unique, jaw-dropping, heart-rate raising gift for their men. Sessions are unique to the gal and range from fun and flirty to hot, hot, hot. But they’re always classy. We aren’t looking to make contributions to Penthouse over here. To Victoria’s Secret maybe, but that’s where the line is drawn.

Ready to see what I’m talking about?? I bet you are – here’s the skinny. I’m password protecting all boudoir blog posts for a few reasons. For one, I understand that some people may be sensitive to this type of image. Like your 11 year old son who might be hanging out over your shoulder. Or your boss, you might pop into your office at just the wrong time. Now there’s nothing obscene about these photos, you won’t see any more skin here than you would at the beach. But the poses are suggestive, so it isn’t exactly a day at the beach.

The posts will appear as always but will say “Protected…” yada yada – the password will be located in the title. Just enter it and your in. You can link to the first one here!

The photos posted here are all done with permission from the client and their faces are not shown to protect their privacy. If you are interested in booking a session for yourself, contact me and I can share a private gallery with you so that you can view the full results of a session and get a look at the gorgeous portrait-style photos that result from these sessions as well.

Cheers to bringing sexy back and boosting the confidence of daring gals everywhere!

Protected: Chicago Boudoir Part 1 Password is “Boudoir”

21 Mar

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