About Maggie

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I’m Maggie Medema. Born in, raised in, and forever shaped by the little town of Streator, IL.

I moved to Edwardsville, IL almost five years ago to attend SIUE where I graduated with a degree in Journalism and Public Relations. I spent a lot of time studying graphic design and sociology. I loved any class with the world “global” in the title.

Once I was out of college and working in the elusive “real world” it didn’t take me long to learn a very important lesson: Don’t make a living doing what you’re good at. It will bore you to tears. Make a living doing what you love, what challenges you, pushes you, and scares the crap out of you. If you’re lucky, that will also be where your talent lies. Trust me, that is much different than doing what you are good at.

I’ve been photographing folks and families for five years and I love every minute of it. I also work full-time at a really great place which I won’t name just in case you’re a stalker. But I’m lucky to have 2 very different jobs that I love.

I shoot in both the Edwardsville/St. Louis and  Streator/Illinois Valley areas, traveling to Streator one weekend each month to hold sessions there.

More about me? Sure.

  • I’m wordy as all heck.  I write the way I talk. Or maybe its the other way around.
  • I’m random. I get anxious if I’m home for long periods of time. I believe driving around with no where to go is the only cure for a bad day.
  • I have a husband that is both remarkably intelligent and goofy. He brews beer in my linen closet. My sheets smell like hops. I accept this.
  • I have awesome family and friends. They have no effect on the smell of my sheets.
  • I dig exploring, unplanned adventures and any store, bar or restaurant that can be described as “hole-in-the-wall.”
  • Antique lanterns and large pieces of old, ugly and strangely colored furniture rock my socks.
  • I support white wine and dogs.

I’m not sure if any of this has anything to do with the photographs I can give you. But then again, maybe it does.

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