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St. Louis Boudoir Photography Marathon

29 Nov

Alright Ladies if you missed out on the Bloomington Boudoir Marathon a few weeks ago here’s your next chance! Be a part of the St. Louis Boudoir Photography Marathon on January 14th and 15th.

St. Louis Boudoir Photography

St. Louis Boudoir Photography

We’ll be shooting your classy & sassy boudoir photos in a trendy St. Louis boutique hotel, selected to offer great lighting and lots of fun options for posing.

St. Louis Boudoir Photography

The timing is right to make this the hottest Valentine’s Day ever.

And as much as the gentlemen enjoy receiving these smoking hot albums, it’s a great gift for the ladies too…

Gentlemen, this would make an excellent early Valentine’s Day gift! A little weekend trip to StL, a nice dinner, shop for some new lingerie…oh…and some boudoir photos.

Does that sound like the perfect weekend to anyone else?! Is my husband reading this? Husband?

St. Louis Boudoir Photography

Just shoot me an email if you’re interested in getting your lady a gift certificate and we’ll hash out the details.

St. Louis Boudoir Photography

The following time slots are currently available. I will update this list as the session times are filled. A $60 non-refundable deposit is required to hold a session time. The remainder of the balance is due the day of the session

11-12:30 – Filled
1:00-2:30 – Filled

10-11:30 – Filled

Packages and Pricing:

St. Louis Boudoir Photography

Specific location details as well as guide to preparing for your session will be shared upon booking.

St. Louis Boudoir Photography

Use the “Boudoir” category (in the right hand menu of this blog) to see samples from previous session. If you are interested in seeing more images (including portraits with faces), please contact me and I can share additional samples with you directly.

Email for details and to reserve a spot!

Lindsey & Jake – Steator Wedding Photos

14 Nov

It is high time this blog got caught up! Who wants to see a wedding?!

Lindsey and Jake got married in early October (my most favorite wedding month) and had a perfect outdoor ceremony followed by a reception with the craziest, most awesome dance floor ever! But we’ll get to that… We started the day with a trip to the salon:

Part of our wedding packages – food delivery as needed! That’s right ladies, he’s handsome, he shoots a mean photograph and he delivers double cheese burgers to brides who are short on time and big on hunger!

I’d like to show you a photo or two of the bride eating her double cheese burger while getting her hair done, but I’d like to stay in business. So instead I will show you this photo…

With the hair done it was back to Lindsey’s for the girls to finish getting dolled up and have a bit of fun.

Love that one! Everyone should have a crazy amount of fun on their wedding day!! Below – more fun. The photo on the left was taken when these ladies were at a grade school sleep over. The photo on the right, is the bride busting out the nostalgia and I think the bottom shot speaks for itself : )

Something to be said for having friends that long.  Love this next one – just hanging out in the living room, getting ready for her wedding, no big deal : )

Meanwhile, the guys were hanging out and having a few laughs of their own.

Lindsey and Jake’s ceremony was hosted by close friends who not only let them use their property, but went above and beyond to create an amazing ceremony space. The wedding had a baseball theme, so the tent was set up right over the infield of this backyard baseball diamond, how amazing is that?!

They even had homemade valet parking! Are you kidding me?!

A few shots of the bride all ready to go…

And then we were ready for some couples shots – but – they didn’t want to see each other before the ceremony so we got creative and made it happen!

A few from the ceremony. But just a few cus I know you’re itchin’ to see the purdy posed ones : )

Love this next one. Jake and Lindsey got engaged on this home plate so it was only fitting that they got married at it too!

After the vows it was time for some more couple shots (sans blindfold) and a few with the bridal party.

Seriously, Lindsey – wow – gorgeous!

I love these next 3 big much. They’re all my favorites because I can’t pick just one!

Before calling it done we stopped by the Woodland High School football field to help ourselves to some football photos. Let me just say that I am obsessed with the next photo. I love it. I was really just checking my settings to get the light right but the way Lindsey is standing makes this photo. Love love love.

To the bleachers! Big shout out to this bridal party for making these photos amazing. All I said was “go sit in the bleachers and pretend like you’re at a game!” and bam, perfection!

Time to load up the Party Bus. And oh what a party it was. There is a lot of happy in these photos!

The bridal party put up a baseball bat arch a la A League of their Own for their entrance!!

A little first dance…

A little toast…

A few dances with the parents…

And then it was time to daaaance!! And did they ever. But as mentioned previously, I would like to remain in business so I won’t be sharing the truly amazing photos that resulted from this dance floor. No, I’ll just keep those to myself in case I ever need to blackmail a bridesmaid.

To kick off the dancing, Lindsey requested a special song and gathered all her mom’s girlfriends to put together a special surprise dance for her mama. She picked a song they’d loved to dance to when she was little. The song? Going Out Dancin by Rod Stewart! As you might infer by…you know…my name…I’m inclined to love me some Rod Stewart. Her mom was obviously surprised, love this:

And from there all dancing hell just broke loose…

For future bride’s I’d like to remind you to consider a few important things when selecting your bridesmaids. You need girls who will really be there for you in a pinch.

For example, will she put out the imaginary fire on your dad’s pant leg??

Will she mop the dance floor mid-song when someone spills a beer?

Such responsibility should not be taken lightly.

Typically when I’m shooting dancing photos I just try to move through the crowd and snag some actions shots. Usually I go unnoticed. But some strange phenomenon was taking place at this reception and I kept getting pointed at. I would sneak into the middle of the floor, snag a few shots, turn around and someone would point at me! The first few times I thought it was a coincidence. After that I couldn’t figure out what the hell was going on, so I just went with it. That said… Ladies and Gentlemen my favorite pointing pictures from the evening…

See?! I have no idea. But I know I had a real good time!

Lindsey and Jake – Thanks for letting Zac and I be a part of your big day! Every part of it was beautiful and you are very blessed to have such wonderful (and fun!) family and friends. Cheers to you!

Psst…Planning a 2012 wedding? Give us a holler soon if you’re interested in wedding photography. We have great packages for 2012 but the schedule is filling fast and there’s only room for a few more weddings on the 2012 calendar!

The Worst Bumbo Ever

2 Nov

So I have this awesome little Godbaby named Claire…

She’s cute.

And she has the cutest, chubbiest little thighs you ever did see.

Trouble is, her cute chubby little thighs don’t really fit in her bumbo seat! And where is a baby to sit if not in a bumbo? Well Zac and I were very dismayed by this business of Claire not having a proper seat so we decided to make her her very own bumbo, with plenty of room for her thighs.

So we told Claire about it and she was all, “Whoa! Fer real?!”

And we’re like, “Yeah for real.”

So we bring out the homemade, roomy bumbo and we put her it in…

“Umm…what the hell kind of bumbo is this???”

She promptly decided it was the worst. bumbo. ever.

And then she sounded the alarm and alerted the surrounding 16 counties that we were torturing her for the sake of cute photos.

And we promptly removed her from the pumpkin before anyone had time to call DCFS and report people in the woods stuffing babies in pumpkins.

Eventually we introduced Claire to a better, more suitable seat. And it was still bright orange…

And she sat happily ever after.



Kathleen, Craig & Owen ~ Edwardville Family Photos

24 Oct

There is an unbelievable amount of happy in the photos I’m about to share with you. On any given day I love my job. Tonight, I love it crazy amounts.

Can you blame me? Look at all of this happiness!!

And this little face!

Little man was really diggin that wooden chair. I grabbed that thing on a whim for $11 as I was walking past an antique store. It has proven to be the most popular thing I own.

This one is pure and complete joy. It’s like the photographic equivalent of warm cookies. I’ve already looked at it 100 times tonight.

The variety of light in the Gardens at SIUe has been amazing this fall. So different from one spot to the next and so beautiful everywhere I turn!

Love this last one… When Owen sat down next to his mama for this picture he looked over at her feet, then he crossed his ankles. I died.

More to come I’m sure : )

The Escue Family ~ Edwardsville Family Photos

24 Oct

I met up with the Escue family at the Gardens at SIUE – which has been providing some seriously amazing light and fall color in the past few weeks! These are great example that even if your kids are a bit grown up and busy with high school or living away at college – it’s still worth it to get some family photos!

Love the laughs in this one : )

These two girls have the same gorgeous eyes! Love it!

The beau stopped by for a few shots : )

Bloomington Boudoir Marathon

23 Oct

Thinking about joining the sexy fun and signing up for a boudoir session? You really should. Allow me to present my case…

Visit I present visual evidence:

And now the Top 10 Reasons you should sign up for the November Boudoir Marathon:

10. You’re hotter than you think.

9. Some day you’re going to be 60. And things won’t be where they are now. Capture the moment, ma’am, capture it.

8. It’s Breast Cancer Awareness Month. A boudoir shoot will make you very aware of your breasts.

7. When you’re feeling really lame you can remind yourself, “I had nakie photos taken. I’m a bad ass.”

6. You’ll finally have a good reason to buy this:

5. Because he has no idea you’re that kind of girl.

4. You’ll have something to distract him with when you really just want to wear sweatpants.

3. You have no plans of running for public office anyway.

2. For all those times you’ve struck poses in your bathroom mirror. It’s time those pouty lips met a camera lens.

1. A little black book. A big red bow. Mer-ry Christmas.

Saturday, November 12 – Sunday, November 13 – Bloomington, IL

Session Fee is $220 and includes
2 hour session
5 outfit changes
fabulous location
disk of all finished, high-resolution photos with print release (order your own prints, make an album, a photo mouse pad, a coffee mug, whatev…)
massive boost of confidence