Prerecorded in Ireland – Photo Update, The first few days

23 Sep

I haven’t had a chance yet to expand on the 2nd day of our trip since I had blogged it live. The day was spent driving from Doolin to Dinlge – which should have taken 3 hours but took the better part of the day because we couldn’t stay in the car! The views had us hopping out every 15 minutes. So today, you’re getting a full post of pictures!

This is also me copping out on writing because I’m as sick as a dog and not feeling very clever. I once gave a speech while taking prescription medicine and I vowed never to tell another story under the influence of any of type of medication ever again. If you think I embellish when I’m clear headed…whoa buddy.

My drama reaches epic levels when I am ill. You should really feel bad for the hubs. Today I saw a recipe for Sticky Toffee Pudding in a Martha Stewart magazine and I cried. Honestly. Because I’d meant to try it in Ireland and never got around to it. What the feck?! For real I’m a hot, over dramatic mess.

This also means that tonight my husband has to go to the mall alone. I don’t think he’s done that since he bought my engagement ring. But tomorrow 2 of our dear friends are getting married and he needs a new shirt.  So this morning when I said, “There’s no way I’m going to the mall tonight. Stop by on your way home and pick out a shirt by yourself.” He just looked at me.

“But how will I know which one to buy?”

Have mercy.

My husband is many wonderful things. He is not a shopper.

I said, “You know how when we walk into Express all those thin, leggy blonds – the ones who are trying to wear everything in the store at once – rush around us asking if we need help? Flirt with one of them. Flirt with all of them if you have to. Just tell them you are a lost, confused man and you desparately need helping finding a shirt that makes you look insanely sexy.”

He didn’t protest any more. I told you I was really sick.

On to the photos!

Road signs when we first arrived in Doolin. Very helpful…

The cattle is always close enough to road that you can stick an arm out the window to scratch a cow’s nose or feed him part of your granola bar. If that’s your kinda thing.

These next 3 are of Lahinch golf course:

The next set is from when we pulled over into the car park just outside of Lahinch. The views were amazing. If you’re planning a trip and will be in the area do plan on stopping. The parking lot was on the right, just past the main part of Lahinch and the foot path was in the lower right corner of the lot.

No guard rail or fence. The only time of the trip I yelled “Stay right!!”


Enjoying the sun while we wait for the ferry. We arrived just as it was leaving, so we got to spend an hour eating potato chips in the sun waiting for it to return : )

View from the ferry, looking Southwest.

View from the ferry, at the exact same time and place, looking Northeast. Oh, Ireland.

These next ones are from one of my favorite moments from the whole trip – when we stopped in the mountains to snap some shots of the view. It was rainy when we got out, then the sun came, then a rainbow. It was so windy I could barely stand up but it was the most incredibly gorgeous spot I have ever seen in my life.

(Psst…camera geeks…noticing the difference in the shots, yes? It’s not a photoshop situation, its 2 different cameras. The first ones, which have great color in the rainbow are from my new point and shoot! It’s a Canon PowerShot SX210IS and if you’re looking for a great small camera to travel with I recommend it. You can see it isn’t quite as sharp or vivid as my big ole DSLR (the later shots of the same place) but when I got tired of lugging that thing around it was great to have the trusty little guy. And seriously it really nabbed that rainbow!)

Next is not exactly the most flattering photo of us ever taken. But I never thought I’d have a picture of Zac and I standing on a mountain in Ireland, with a rainbow in the background, so I will love it forever.

Here comes the sun… (more fabulous color from that PowerShot!!)

Driving on…

Doing what I do best : )

Since we were stuck with either self pics or individual pics, in places we really loved we tried to take shots of each other in the exact same place and we’re going to frame/put them in an album next to each other : )

The road to our B&B – Pax Guest House

I want to share shots from the places we stayed as well since I know lots of fabulous folks from the Fodors travel website are stopping by to read these posts. (Thanks for stopping by, new friends!) We can’t say enough great things about Pax House. We will absolutely return. The service was top notch and the room was too. We opted for the Sea View room with the patio and it was great to have all the extra space since we were there 3 nights. More shots of the patio (in the sun) to come in a future post.

From our patio…

Just one of many comfy spots in the sitting room…

That’ll do it for today. More to come soon. A big thanks to everyone who has left comments and sent messages about enjoying these posts. Nothing has ever made me as happy as telling stories – through pictures or words or both – and it puts a big smile in my heart to know people are enjoying themselves here. Zac and I are incredibly blessed to have each other and to have great adventures. We’re even more lucky to have awesome friends, family, and imaginary internet friends to share it with!

And if the comments are true, a large percentage of your are either peeing yourselves or shooting food/beverages out of your noses. You should get that looked at. Seriously : )


5 Responses to “Prerecorded in Ireland – Photo Update, The first few days”

  1. April September 23, 2011 at 10:14 pm #

    These pictures are stunning! What a beautiful country!

  2. Janice September 24, 2011 at 5:41 pm #

    Maggie- I love those shots of the countryside that look like a green patterned quilt! I may need to purchase one of those lovely pics from you! (I am 1/2 Irish you know!) Loving pics # 30-32 on this blog-actually love them all- these are just really beautiful!

  3. Dianna Denny September 25, 2011 at 8:09 am #

    All those shots bring back some great memories of Ireland. We saw the double rainbows, and they were beautiful. Loved Zac’s hat, he looked like a real Irishman.

  4. doneidalynn September 26, 2011 at 9:50 am #

    The photos are absolutely gorgeous! I have never really thought about visiting Ireland..we seem to be Carribean people, however, your blog is making me think twice about destinations!

    • maggieandzac September 26, 2011 at 10:10 am #

      Thanks!! We’re actually just talking about beach vacations vs. sightseeing/adventuring vacations and if we like one better than the other. We decided there’s no comparison, just too different. We also decided, however, that we will separate these kinds of trips with beach trips, for the sake of variety and because, hello, I NEED the beach. Need.

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