StL Adventure #8 The St. Louis Walk of Fame

1 Aug

When I was putting together The List and read “Check out the St. Louis Walk of Fame” I said “What walk of fame?!?”

Didn’t even know it existed. And this is for a sad reason, my friends. It is because aside from a few quick trips to meet friends for lunch here or there, Zac and I had never spent any extended amount of time in The Loop. Not for any good reason, we weren’t avoiding it, it just hadn’t occurred to us.

It was actually the very first place I went in St. Louis when we moved here for school. The weekend we moved in a friend and I drove over to The Loop to have lunch at Fritz’s and hang out with other friends. I remember at the time thinking it looked like a cool neighborhood and that I should return. I just never did!

So finally a few weekends ago on a sunny and warmish Saturday we set off to enjoy not just the Walk of Fame but the whole area. I wasn’t overly excited about the Walk of Fame business, so to be honest we just noticed some of the stars here and there…

We figured we really should have lunch at Blueberry Hill because its probably shameful that we’ve never been. So we did. And it was good. It wasn’t crazy good and the service barely approached good but more than anything the space itself is really cool. Hard to get antsy waiting for your food when you’re craning your neck around to read all the vintage concert posters or comic books.

We also had the benefit of sitting at table near the windows so we could happily people watch while we ate. I will say this about The Loop – I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a wide range of people. Every age and every….everything.

Still, I think I’d rather eat at Fitz’s. I loooooove me some root beer. But…those are the only two Loop restaurants I have frequented thus far so it isn’t much of a competition yet.

After lunch we spent a few hours walking around and poking in and out of the various boutique and vintage shops. If I had to list my favorite ways to spend a Saturday – walking and poking in and out of shops would be in the top 5. Pretty much every city/town we’ve ever visited we have walked and poked in : ) For our upcoming trip to Ireland, the itinerary has built in “walk and poke” time for each town we visit. I guess I just like that it allows me to be out and doing something but with no real place to go. And I’ll take any kind of shop – high end clothing, resale, antique, gift, food. Oh how I love to poke into a gourmet food shop! They always have tiny jars of jam and I always buy them. Who knew, my weakness is tiny jars of jam. Whatever kind of shop you prefer though, you are likely to find in The Loop. Same goes for food!

So all in all – I wasn’t over come with joy and entertainment because of the St. Louis Walk of Fame. I preferred walking with my head up to check out all the different people than with my head down to the check out the stars. Now if the St. Louis Fame Star people would like to give me my own star – I’ll be happy to alter this post and regard the Walk of Fame as the hottest attraction in town.

Until then – I’ll stick with recommending that you visit the Delmar Loop on your next visit to good ole St. Louis. And be sure to stay long enough to eat and walk and poke : )

-Update – since writing this post after our first visit, we’ve made a number of other visits to The Loop and I heart it. And I heart a few of those clothing boutiques just a little too much…


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