SP: Melanie & Bryan’s St. Louis Maternity Photos

21 Jul

I don’t know if you know this or not, but it is really hot out. Like scary hot. But I won’t be stopped, I will photo my way right through this heat wave so that this cute little mama-to-be will have photographic proof that she was pregnant during the hottest heat wave EVER.

Moms always say, “When I was pregnant with you…” and they all seem to have some brief statement that defined their pregnancy. Like, gas was .40 per gallon, or we got 16 inches of snow, or Elvis died, or what have you.

I have a feeling Melanies brief statement will be, “…it was HOT!”

But while I was sweating like a pig and looking more frightening by the minute, Melanie was looking totally cool and put together and not the least bit phased by the fact that it was 110 degrees and she was toting a baby around in her belly. Observe…

If that isn’t the sassiest maternity photo I’ve ever taken…

Love that one…love these next 2 also…

More to come from our warm evening in Lafayette Square! If you’re interested in  maternity and newborn photos (or interested in gifting someone with maternity and newborn photos!) take a look at the Oh, Baby! Package…


One Response to “SP: Melanie & Bryan’s St. Louis Maternity Photos”

  1. klmphotos July 21, 2011 at 5:14 pm #

    The sunflare photo is my FAVE! She looks fabulous & not at all like she’s standing out in 110 degree weather!

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