Tay & Dan’s Engagement Pics!

9 May

Prior to their session, I asked Tay and Dan to think about where they wanted to have their engagement photos taken. I suggested they think about what would really capture them at this point in their lives and not just default to standard Streator locations.

They came up with Seneca. Dan lives in Seneca and they claimed to have had a lot of good times out and about around the small town. So off to Seneca we went and we captured some beautiful photos in some locations that really help tell their story!

LOVE that one…and this next one…

And these two…

Tiny purple flowers all over in the grass?? Yes, please!!

Love this one too. In so many of shots you can see exactly how much fun they have together and how much they like hanging out together. I like that.

Seriously one of the most beautiful people I know.

And a handsome man to match…

That is not their truck. Just for the record. But I liked it so we borrowed it. Much thanks to whoever owns that truck! Probably it’s the same person who owns the awesome garage in these next photos so again..thanks : )

I noticed these pretty colored picnic tables as we drove over the bridge into Seneca so I drug them across town to make use of them.

But what I really ended up loving was the nearby dock…

As we were walking out to the docks Tay mentioned she wanted a few fun shots with this old tour boat that was sitting nearby. So we made our way over the boat and as we approached, Dan realized it was the exact boat that he used to give tours on at Starved Rock! How crazy is that?! Once we knew that we had to have a little boat fun…

After the Love Boat we wrapped things up in their favorite corner booth at a bar & grill that they like to hang out in downtown Seneca. The folks there were nice enough not to mind me climbing around them with my camera. I’d give them a shout out and suggest you grab a bit there but I can’t remember the name!!

Can’t wait for Tay & Dan’s August wedding!!


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