Thoughts from our sofa

10 Mar

The hubs and I have a new toy. We finally got a netbook. We have a pretty serious desktop PC set up in our office for our home computing plus my business needs. And we had a laptop that Zac got as a high school graduation gift. You can imagine how well that worked.

So this past weekend we got a netbook and we heart it. What that means is now we have a direct and quick path to social media and this blog while we lounge around on our sofa having ridiculous conversations.

So I bring to you, the first installment of thoughts from our sofa. I have no idea if there will ever be a second installment.

Zac was reading a blog post I’d just written and he mentioned he caught a few typos. I told him to just let me what they were and I would fix them later on my desk top (long story, doesn’t matter). He agreed that would be fine because they were only minor typos. Then this conversation ensued:

Me “Yeah that’s fine. I don’t worry much about blog typos. Unless I’ve mistakenly said ‘pubic’ for ‘public’ otherwise who cares.”

Hubs “yeah no pubes in that post.”

Me “I hate when I write about couches because I’m worried I’ll spell cooches. And no one wants to think I was laying around on a cooch. So I stick to saying sofa or davenport.”

Hubs “You have never said davenport.”

Me “Yes I have.”

Hubs “You have not. I’ve known you for like 10 years and the word davenport has never crossed your lips. Except for the time we went to Davenport.”

Me “What the explative is a davenport any way? Is it different than a sofa?”

Hubs “I don’t know. My grandma would always say ‘so and so has to sleep on the Davenport’ and I figured she liked me best because it wasn’t me and someone else was getting sent to Davenport to sleep at my uncles house.”

Me “I always thought it had something to do with a porch. Doesn’t davenport sound like it should have to do with a porch. Or a patio or sorts?”

Hubs “It does!! But why??”

Me “I don’t know. I still don’t know what the explative a davenport is!”


Me “I think that’s a blog post”



One Response to “Thoughts from our sofa”

  1. Afton Salata October 24, 2011 at 7:20 pm #

    Mags, you make me laugh. 🙂

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