It is supposed to be blue

10 Mar

It is supposed to be blue. It is -explative-ing supposed to be BLUE.

Not gray.

Not white.


You haven’t seen it in so long you don’t even know what the hell I’m talking about, do you?

The sky people. The sky! It is supposed to be blue. The sun is supposed to shine forth from it. Not that you would know this, based on the last 100 days of cloudy bull shit we’ve been experiencing. Sorry. I’m pissed about the sky. Like, really, really pissed.

I don’t mind rain. If it were raining I could handle it. In fact in the past week or two we’ve gotten quite a bit of rain and on those days I’m content. I do the rainy day thing. I play rainy day songs on my iPod, I wear rainy day hoodies and sit on my rainy day sofa with my rainy day quilt and watch –explative-ing rainy day movies.

Okay. You’re right. I’m sick of the rain too.

I’m so sick of this unacceptable lack of blue sky and sunshine, in fact, that today I told my husband I was going to leave town Friday and just drive until I found sun. He thought I was kidding but I wasn’t. I was mapping out routes to locations south of here that are forecasted to have sun this weekend. Except you know what, there aren’t many. And then I went to get gas and its barely under $4 a gallon here so there goes that.

Boy would I like to get my hands on a weather man and an oil price spectator. (Is there such a thing as an oil price spectator? Whatever. They’re responsible for this. All of it.)

There’s a chance of sun tomorrow, so says the weather channel. But I can’t wait around on a 20% chance of 67% clouded skies. I need to see the blue now.

So I give you, my 15 favorite blue sky, sunny day, warm glow photos. I hope they help you remember there’s a blue sky and big, big light called the SUN and the end of this Godforsaken tunnel known as winter.

#15 Lake Carlyle the second week of April

The sun was so hot I sat in a camping chair reading a book and drinking cheap wine for hours while Zac fished. I got the first sun burn of the season. A favorite because, hopefully, its merely weeks from repeating itself.

#14 Marilla Park, Streator, late May

The biggest problem that evening was finding a spot where the sun wasn’t too bright! I love the rays of bright light on the grass. And the vivid, vivid green. That’s what the grass is supposed to look like!

#13 Las Vegas, Nevada, mid-August

There is nothing hotter than Las Vegas in August. Well, maybe St. Louis in August. But the Vegas heat was much more enjoyable. We’d walked around for hours before I realized I was hot – but enjoying it. As opposed to walking around for hours in the St. Louis heat which isn’t even physically possible. I was ready to permanently relocate.

#12 SIUE Campus, early July

The glow, the grass, the bare feet, the tiny sundress. I don’t think I need to explain why I feel this photo embodies a late summer afternoon.

#11 Grafton, Il, mid-October

We went to the pumpkin patch just to get out of the house. We didn’t want pumpkins. But when we got there the sky was so beautiful we rode the tractor wagon ride all around the fields just to enjoy the sun. I was obsessed with how vivid the sky looked with the pumpkin vines and apple trees against it.

#10 Grafton, Il mid-October, one week after the above photo

I loved the pumpkin patch/apple orchard so much it became the destination of choice for this family photo session. Perfect.

#9 SIUE Campus, late July

This was far and away the HOTTEST photo shot of the season. It was well over 100 degrees with the heat index and there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. You could have cut the air with a knife. After that session I realized I had spent more time outside under the glaring sun that summer than ever before, and I had a whole other reason to love photography.

#8 SIUE Campus, late July

This was the most beautiful evening. It was hot but I wasn’t melting and I thought the sun would never set. I think I shot my last photo at 9:30 that night at an ice cream stand on the edge of town which, I think you will agree, is the most proper spot to end a hot summer evening.

#7 Iowa City, Iowa, early May

Dandelions! Remember those?? What I wouldn’t give for a yard full of bright yellow weeds right about now.


#6 Streator area, June

There was blindingly bright sun, deep mud puddles, knee high grass and weeds around an old barn. This was a perfect the rain-just-cleared summer day and the bright burst of umbrella color against the blue sky makes me happy, happy, happy.


#5  SIUE Campus, mid-October

Holy fall happiness. This was a beautiful, beautiful day. There was a chill in the air but the sun was bright enough to fight it off and make the fall colors really vibrant. Remember leaves on trees?? Where are you, tree leaves? Where are you?

#4 Rural Streator, September

I know I’ve droned on about the sky in pictures from this session before. But you can’t deny it fits in this list. When I imagine the perfect day – this is what the sky looks like.

#3 Grafton, IL mid-October

I love this photo – it just screams childhood summer. Blue sky, green grass, sun flare. Yeah, basically the trifecta of warm fuzzy photos.

#2 SIUE Campus, early July

Sweet baby. See that glow on the grass in the background. That’s what I’m missing right now. Warm, glowly light making everything golden while I sit in the grass, twisted into some impossible position, photographing an adorable child. Or sitting on my patio with a cold beer and meat on the grill. Yes, let’s go with the second option because come to think of it, I got chiggers from the first.

#1 Galena, Il October 17

The perfect sunny weekend. We celebrated our first anniversary in Galena and it couldn’t have been better. The air was warm but crispy, the sun was shining every day, there were still leaves on the trees. Sigh. Again with the leaves on the trees.


I hope my count down of blue sky, sunny day, warm glow photos has warmed you up a bit. Or at least given you hope that the next beautiful, sunny day is just around the corner. Fingers crossed : )


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