Oh Baby!

28 Jan

I’ll begin by apologizing to all of my female relatives who just got really excited thinking the “Oh Baby!” title had something to do with me and a baby. It does not.

Now for what it does mean! Good things for all you photo-loving mama’s-to-be!

I think a lot of mama’s want both maternity photos and newborn photos…but I can understand the inner turmoil of paying for two sessions/prints or instead spending that kind of cash on, say, diapers or adorable baby outfits. So here’s the deal, you no longer have to pick just one session. You can have your cake and eat it too. I’ll pause here for you to go get some cake…

Here’s the deal:

That’s a steal ladies! Both sessions and a big ole print for $175!

After each session, you will be able to view your photos online and decide at that time if you would like to purchase prints, products or the discounted disk of high-res images (print anywhere, any time).

Please note newborn sessions should be schedule to take place within 12 days of the babies arrival.

Email for details! maggie at maggiemedemaphoto.com


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