Heidi, Andy & Mya

11 Jan

Currently it is no degrees outside. The wind is blowing so fiercely my windows are creaking. There’s snow blanketing everything and surely killing off the grass that, until yesterday, was still green and helping me hold onto my sanity.

It is for these reasons I am thankful I fell behind on my blogging. So that we may all be reminded of the crisp, warm time known as fall.

Ain’t nobody loungin’ on a blanket in the grass today.

I’m sure you remember this little family because every body and their brother fell in love with this little gal…

It’s finally time to blog their images in full. And there are many. And they are cute. Stay tuned till the end for some extra fun too!

I might re-post some that appeared in the sneak peak…partly because I don’t remember which ones I used and partly because they’re so stinkin’ lovely.

I’m obsessed with that doorway! If you live around the Alton, Il area and would like your photo taken with that door contact me immediately because I’m dying to shoot more of it!!

Love that one!

I think the above is my favorite of all!! I just love all of their expressions and the way they’re sitting!

The above picture kills me. So does the next one…

If ever they are on the cover of Vanity Fair, they can use that photo.

Heart!! Mya couldn’t hold herself up for very long that way. But she got the idea so she’d pop up, smile real big, then plop face down onto the blanket!

Love me some cuddly pictures!

Those are some of my favorites from the entire season! Want some of your own? It’s almost time to start booking 2011 photo sessions!! Booking will officially begin on February 1st so start thinking about what you want and when you want it. Booking 3 months in advanced is recommended, especially if you are in the Streator area.

Now for some fun.

I’d like to present a public service announcement regarding financial waste on toys for young children. Likely, most of you purchased at least one pricey, bright, flashy, amazing toy for a child in your life. I’m here to tell you (and show you) that wasn’t necessary. There are plenty of options for fun play right outside your door and none of them will cost you a dime.

Little Mya, who looks so very happy and entertained in the photos I showed you, thoroughly enjoyed her 3+ hour photo session. With no toys. Please observe:

Exhibit One:

Rusty, abandon and likely-condemned fire escapes.

Loads of fun! Climbing, exploring, playing peek-a-boo!

The rusty fire escape helps foster your child’s independence and sense of exploration.

Even use the steps as a language learning tool! Mya labeled each step up the fire escape by shouting “Mya, up! Mya, up!” Thankfully there was no clanging of metal followed by “Mya, down! Mya, down!”

This toy is not for children under the age of 6 months.

Exhibit Two:

Crumbled asphalt.

Develop your child’s fine motor skills by encouraging them to pick up tiny pieces of crumbled asphalt.

Share in your child’s joy and excitement as they discover a particularly good rock. Or cigarette butt.

Exhibit Three:

Weeding public streets.

There’s actually nothing fun or developmentally beneficial about having your toddler weed the streets. But our state’s in a sad budgetary situation and cutbacks have to be made. Do us all a favor and take your kid out to weed the curbs now and then, huh?

Exhibit Four:

Play “Try to stop mommy and daddy from making another baby.” Look at the strain on this kids face, we’ve got a real team player here.

And finally Exhibit Five:

A large, rusty metal chain provides hours of limbo-like fun.

This not only entertains your child, it promotes their physical strength. If you cheer for them, it also promotes healthy self-esteem. For additional hours of entertainment, simply lower the chain, no batteries required!

See what I’m saying, folks? That bright, loud, Babies First Laptop was totally unnecessary. Hours upon hours of stimulating family fun are waiting for you just down a grungy alley in the near by factory town! What are you waiting for?! Get out there and poke some asphalt people!!

For the record…if these photos make Heidi and Andy look like questionable parents, well, that’s not my fault.

Just kidding. I’m just acting like the conservative media and taking things out of context and then mashing them together to create a false, yet believable account of what happened. In reality, Mya was fully supervised and accompanied by a talking, flashing, battery-operated Elmo doll. We didn’t let her eat the amazing rocks she found or chew on the weeds she pulled or anything like that.

We did let her climb the fire escape alone but that was only because we’d taken a break and were having a smoke and forgot to watch her.


Man, these people are never booking another session…


3 Responses to “Heidi, Andy & Mya”

  1. hewright January 11, 2011 at 8:36 pm #

    I loved seeing the pics again. Every time I look at them I have a new favorite! Andy said you did an awesome job! We laughed pretty hard when looking at all the ways Mya was entertained. I should have known Elmo would not have lasted the entire session! I think next time I will bring a bag of rocks! Thanks again!

  2. betsy January 11, 2011 at 8:46 pm #

    That family needs to be on the cover of Parent Magazine . The photographer needs to be committed. just kidding:) seriously beautiful photos. does Mya need a gramma? im up for adoption!


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