Jenny & Bill’s Bump Pics!

7 Dec

In early September, as it was just shifting to fall, I got to photo this awesome couple and the soon-to-be first addition to their family!

I’ve said it a thousand times, I’ll say it a thousand more. Maternity sessions are far and away my favorite!! This one was particularly awesome because as you will see, Jenny and Bill were particularly awesome. I can only assume their baby is also awesome.

Love the scrabble tiles – totally their idea! They weren’t find out the sex of the baby before hand…hence the “surprise.” We were throwing around ideas as to what else we could spell with the tiles. I asked them how they were referring to the baby if they didn’t know the sex. Did it have a nickname? Or did they just call it “the baby?” Turns out it did in fact have a nickname, so we went with it…

See, literally, we went with “it.” If you say it long enough “it” starts to sound like an actual name. It turned out to be a boy, by the way.

There it/he is! That’s one of my favorites.

Love the shirt : )

Holy blue eyes, Batman!!

That’s another favorite : )

Another favorite!

If I had to make a list of the 10 things that made me the happiest, photos of people laughing would be like, number 6. Behind my husband, my family, my friends, puppies and babies (Those are in no particular order as the first 3 are sometimes known to piss me off, thus rearranging the order. hehehe) And white chocolate milk shakes from Steak and Shake would be number 7. Just in case you needed that information.


Congrats to Jenny and Bill and their new baby boy!!

I’d felt a little guilty about falling behind on my blogging, but honestly I’m glad I did. After a cold winter day its fun to look at these photos from the fall and remember all that warm light! It’s only the 7th of December and already I’d forgotten that scarves can be accessories, not just an essentials!

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