Brandi & Cody: The Whole Story

6 Dec

It is finally time to share the full story of Brandi and Cody’s Las Vegas Wedding!

They were married on a very hot, very beautiful August day at Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas. I heart Las Vegas. Just putting that out there.

Anyway. It begins, as it usually does, in a salon…

I heart pictures of brides texting grooms : )

The best thing about Brandi – as a friend, and as a bride – is that she’s pretty much zero drama. No fuss, no nonsense. Hair, make up, dress. Check, check, check. She never missed a beat and never looked flustered for a second.

I love the expressions on the girls faces in the background of this one…

The perfect amount of class and sparkle for a Vegas wedding…

I heart that chair. I think its Gladys’s cousin and I would have taken it home if the extra luggage fee wasn’t so damn high.

How about a handsome groom to match our bride, yes?

Snazzy man details!

The ceremony was lovely. But due to some strictly enforced house rules, I wasn’t allowed to move from my seat. In fact, a man with a microphone spotted my camera before the ceremony and read my a list of rules including no flash, no moving, no leaning, no standing… He was holding a microphone so I figured he was serious and followed the rules. Speak softly and carry a big microphone I guess.

We snagged some fun couple shots after the ceremony, as the Vegas sun was starting to fade just a bit and ease up on the crazy, awesome heat which I miss so badly as I sit here typing this wearing 2 pairs of socks and slippers.

After the photos concluded, there was a fabulous party. But I can’t tell you what happened, exactly. You know what they say about what happens in Vegas…

But I can tell you there was champagne on ice. In a kiddie pool. Amen.

There was fun family…

Fun friends…

The best wedding cake ever…

There was popping of corks…

And toasts from friends…

And in the end, there were the Streator Girls and our dear old friend, Sweet Caroline…

What a fun, fabulous wedding.

More full wedding posts to come so stay tuned! Lots more to come in fact…engagements, weddings, baby bumps and toddlers, oh my! Damn, my creativity is lacking tonight…  : )


One Response to “Brandi & Cody: The Whole Story”

  1. Lori December 7, 2010 at 9:54 am #

    Maggie-thanks again for a wonderful job. Brandi has such great (and talented) friends. I am having a hard time picking pictures and that is why I don’t have any yet.

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