BikeShots: Anne Marie & Bill

6 Oct

Yay for more BikeShots! If you haven’t heard…this is my take on motorcycle photography. It’s fun and it’s all about the bike and the people you are when you’re on your bike…because you know it brings out just a bit of an attitude.

There will likely be more of these later because I was having a hard time choosing which ones to share!

So…on a chilly Sunday in Dwight, with the sun raging through a sky of black clouds, while everyone else was just leaving church, yours truly was lying in the street taking this:

Old ladies drove by and stared at me. Like stared at me hard. Dwight is intense on a Sunday, man.

Love that one…could potentially by my favorite, but its a little early to tell.

Lots of old doors/windows/junk painted odd shades of green and blue in this little area. Big fan of that!

Love that one, too. They look bitchy. They aren’t though. I promise.

Aww, see, friendly bikers!

We left the dangers of Dwight’s dark alleys behind us and headed out to the farm.

I’m totally kidding, just in case you’ve never been to Dwight and don’t understand that. We only saw 3 other people the entire time we were shooting. Two were women over the age of 80 and one was a normal dude who said “Damn, you people look intense.” and kind of hurried away. Really? Cus I’m lying against a curb with my camera pointed up the ass end of a motorcycle. How imposing can I really be?

Anyway…out to the farm we went for sweeping views of cornfields and giant windmills…

Only one windmill is partially visible in this shot…I’ll share others later. I have mixed feelings about the windmills.

One more for now…taken on the property of someone we didn’t know. That, of course, isn’t unusual. What is unusual is that we actually secured permission to trespass prior to trespassing! I know! Me, acquiring permission before invading someone’s land! Who woulda thought!

Ohh…that’s a close contender for favorite too.

High Five to Anne Marie and Bill for rockin it out for these photos – you look fantastic and seriously bad ass.

Is high-fiving bad ass though? Do bikers do that? Should I have fist bumped instead? I’m sorry…I drive an SUV…I just don’t know these things.


4 Responses to “BikeShots: Anne Marie & Bill”

  1. betsy October 7, 2010 at 9:36 am #

    Anne Marie and guys look awesome and I know nothing about bikes but thats a pretty one!! sorry bill…not, its hot!!
    great pics cant wait to see the rest! is it okay if i put one of these on my wall of fame at work???

  2. Cathy October 8, 2010 at 7:17 am #

    These turned out great Ann & Bill! You’ll have a hard time choosing if they are all this good 🙂

  3. Lori October 8, 2010 at 9:40 am #

    I absolutley loved these pictures. I think I need to call her and have her take pictures of TJ’s Harley. WOW……beautiful work. Plus you guys are adorable.


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