2011 Wedding Special!

31 Aug

Hey, remember me, your loyal, blogging photographer, friend?

Can you believe this is what its come to? Quickie blog posts on my lunch hour?! The horror!

I promise I’ll get back to regular blogging real soon like (tonight, maybe? maybe?) and your life can be whole again.

It’s just that, you see, we had some traveling to do. Then I had some work to do. Then this jack ass dentist oral surgeon person ripped a wisdom tooth from my jaw and nearly killed me.

Ok fine, it wasn’t nearly that dramatic. And really he was quiet friendly. But it put a real cramp in my blogging.

But there’s GOOD NEWS! Tomorrow marks the beginning of September! I love September, it means its officially fall. (In my world anyway.) And I loooove fall.

So in honor of September, in celebration of my mouth no longer hurting and just cause why not, I’m having me a little Wedding Special!

Book your 2011 Wedding during the month of September
and you’ll receive $100  in FREE print credit!

That means you’ll have $100 free bucks to spend on gorgeous prints of you and your honey from your engagement session, your wedding, or a bit of both!

So don’t wait – email me asap for details and let’s get that 2011 wedding on the books!

You know you want to check “Hire Fabulous Photographer” off your to-do list!


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