Tiffany, Brian, Ella, +1

5 Aug

Is there anything more awesome than a pregnant woman?

I think not.

Tiffany, Brian and Ella, plus the baby bump, were awesome! I love when I think people are actually having fun during their photo session. It maybe an illusion I create in my head as I to convince people to climb up into loading docks, dangle their children by the ankles, sit in bird baths…”C’mon, it’ll be fun! I promise!”

But these 3 actually looked to be having fun, and that made me happy!

I have to tell you, when Tiffany first emailed me about these photos she told me she and her husband weren’t very photogenic but that their little girl Ella, would love getting her picture taken. Silly person I am, I believed her.

She lies.

Debunking the first myth of Tiffany and Brian’s photogenic deficiency:

Yeah. Horribly un-photogenic right?

And debunking myth number two, that Ella would love having her photo taken…this photo was captured after extensive bribery including but not limited to one bowl of white ice cream with sprinkles, from Culvers.

At that point, no one really cared that the nearest Culvers was 30 miles away.

Victory, my friends. Victory.

Ella popped out of the car all sweet and polite, “Hi, Maggie!”

“Hi, Ella! Nice to meet you!”

And then she spotted the camera and ran for the hills screaming “STRANGER DANGER!!”

Not quiet but close. The good news was while Ella was hopelessly uninterested in having her picture taken, she was still in a very happy, playful mood. We just snuck her into a fun photo here and there and she never knew the difference!

While she played with bubbles and chalk and what now appears to be my trade mark pin wheel, we got some sweet shots of mom and dad:

Getting them up into the loading dock was easy enough. Getting Tiffany down was another story : ) I assure you it resulted in one of my favorite photos EVER. But I promised I wouldn’t post it and really, posting embarrassing photos of your clients isn’t considered a best practice of the photo business. There is, however, no clause against telling the story on your blog.

The highlight of watching Brian help Tiffany down though was – over the laughter and rapid fire of my shutter – hearing Ella’s tiny voice yell “Mom!! You’re too BIGGG!!” hehehe

This next photo cracks me up!!!

I got out my vintage blocks and while I spelled out “boy” I left the rest behind for Zac and Ella to play with. I snapped the first photo, on the left, adjusted and prepared to snap a few more…but something had popped into the frame…

“I need this,” she said.

She proceeded to need the “B” and “O” as well. It made my day!!!

A huge thanks to the Park family for being so much fun and photogenic! You’re little family is simply too cute, congrats on adding one more!


2 Responses to “Tiffany, Brian, Ella, +1”

  1. Jennifer Clements August 5, 2010 at 7:23 pm #

    I love these pictures!!! Tiffany – you are the cutest pregnant lady ever!!!

  2. Michele in IL. August 6, 2010 at 4:14 pm #

    Super cute photos! Beautiful family!!!

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