14 May

Prom is a big deal, complete with elaborate plans, drama and miles and miles of tulle skirting. And really what do I love more than planning, drama and big fluffy skirts? Exactly. I love prom.

I love that I went to prom with my husband because as I sat in my office today, preparing the prom photos I’m about to share with you – there’s a framed photo of top of my desk – Zac and I and my Grandma Mary – just before our Senior Prom. It was six years ago but I remember every minute, thanks in part to all the awesome photos.

So let’s get right to it…no sneak peeks…these folks have waited long enough so we’ll just straight to a full post of prom pics! I hope they remember the entire event – the fun, the dramatic, the dancing – as well as I do.

First up: Kayla &Tyler

Jennifer &Dillon

Lizzie & Steve

Hannah & Tommy

And that concludes our prom extravaganza. If you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go dig out my prom dress, oil myself until I fight into it and then lounge around on the couch for the evening.

Thanks to all the four couples from trusting me enough to hike out into the woods in your finest attire and lean on fallen trees. You were all fabulous – and you look like rock stars – I hope you partied like one.


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