Load up that fanny pack

14 May

I’ve got big plans for this weekend. It started while I was getting ready for work yesterday and my overly caffeinated husband popped up behind me.

“We need to start going to garage sales!!” He proclaimed. And proclaimed is not an exaggeration. The man consumes enough caffeine for an army in the morning. I consume none. It’s a cute combination.

“Garage sales?” I mumble.

“Yeah, garage sales!!”

“You need used clothes? Now? Like now that you actually have an income and work-issued polo shirts, you want to buy used clothes?” I ask.

We don’t really ever go garage sale-ing, though I’m a pretty big fan, that kind of came to end when I stopped outgrowing my clothes every 6 months. And I can’t imagine what we could possibly need – or fit into our over stuffed apartment – that would be found at a garage sale. Antique shops, possibly, but not garage sales.

“Not for clothes! For games and toys and puzzles and blocks and stuff!! Kid stuff!”

“Am I pregnant?” I mumble. (With a four-year-old presumably, based on his shopping list.)

“For therapy!! For my clients. They told me the best way to build up a good collection of therapy materials is by going to garage sales! I mean, I wouldn’t want to buy anything tattered and old, but like nice garage sales!”

I should mention here that Zac’s new job (which he started Tuesday) is at a pediatric speech clinic. Pediatric speech therapy involves a lot of playing. And not on computers. Like good old-fashioned sitting on the floor, playing. It’s a good gig.

“Excellent idea,” I said, with my tiny, tired bit of enthusiasm.

I never get to shop for toys. Or games. Or puzzles. Baby gifts on occasion, sure, but never kid stuff!

So now, ladies and gentlemen, I am on a mission. A garage sale-ing mission.

I’ve printed the listings from local websites. Highlighted my lists in two colors – blue for sales that can be visited Friday night, yellow for sales that begin Saturday. I’ve circled subdivisions on my city map. My fanny pack is loaded with dollar bills, rolls of quarters and old grocery bags.

My mama didn’t raise no fool, I know how to do the garage sale circuit. And while its been a while I’m ready, baby. I’m back in the garage sale saddle, ready to haggle.

We about to have us a time.


One Response to “Load up that fanny pack”

  1. Jenny Stephens May 16, 2010 at 2:35 pm #

    Just a quick FYI —- I totally want to take part in this adventure because I love garage sales, especially Edwardsville based ones 🙂

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