Streator Prom Photos

26 Apr

Going to Prom on Saturday? Been fretting over the lack of professional photo services this year? Worry not – I’m here to capture you, your hot date and your super awesome dress in all its glory.

If you’re looking for natural light, professional prom photos that are fun, unique and modern – you’re at the right place!

Mini Prom Sessions – $20, cash or check due at the session
Location: Spring Lake Park, Streator
Time Frame: 1 p.m. to 6 p.m.
Booking: Email me at or send a Facebook message to Maggie Medema Photography.
Details: Sessions will last 10-15 minutes and will include 3 poses.

You’ll view finished proofs in an online gallery (a week or so later) where you can order whatever prints you want!

I’m happy to do any type of group…but each different couple/group is a session. For example if you want photos with your hot date, that’s 1 session. If you’d like photos with just your best girl friends, that’s another session.

Keep in mind these photos are outdoors. The weather may not be ideal. I’ll have shelter in place so that we can get shots even if it rains lightly – but you’ll want an umbrella to get from the parking lot to the shoot.

If it pours, storms or our lives will be in danger, we’re out of luck. If your session has to be cancelled because of weather, you will get a phone call.

I know that’s disappointing but that’s just the nature of natural light photography. It’s like farming. But with a camera.

Call your friends, hash it out and shoot me an email. Then pray for sunshine and relax! But hurry up about it because I can only take the first 16 sessions. I’m just one woman after all.


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