An observation & A notice

17 Mar

An observation…

The grass in our backyard is now 80% green. A big leap from just this past weekend. This is important to my wellbeing and mental health.

The neighbors across the street, they seem to have reached the 95% mark already. This is probably because they spend a huge amount of hours doing whatever it is people do in their yards. It’s fine all the same, as I can stare at their grass from my window.

A notice…

Street sweepers frighten me.

I don’t recall any traumatic street sweeper events from my childhood so I’ve no explanation except that they are huge, very very loud and those giant, overgrown brillo pad looking things are gnarly.

So don’t ever get me one. Like for my birthday or something. Don’t ever get me a street sweeper.


2 Responses to “An observation & A notice”

  1. klmphotos March 17, 2010 at 9:34 pm #

    You didn’t have any childhood street-sweeping trauma because Streator doesn’t have them…

  2. mom March 18, 2010 at 2:05 pm #

    excuse me kate!!! we do so have street sweepers!!! i watch then from my office window!!! and i will cancel the one i ordered maggie for christmas, lol

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