That’s what friends are for

28 Feb

I have good friends. Like REALLY good friends.

Some time ago I wrote about my serious need to get my hands on some Chupa Chup suckers.

Even after I blogged about the suckers, I continued my search. I called a kind lady who owns a little candy shop in Glen Carbon. She didn’t have the suckers. Hadn’t heard of the suckers. But she promised to check with her distributors and give me a call if she ever got her hands on any.

Still, no suckers.

Then, from the comfort of her cruise ship cabin, cruising the Mediterranean Sea on her honeymoon, my dear friend April pulls up this little blog on her cell phone. She’d hope to see some awesome photos of her wedding. (The ones I just got around to posting last week!) Instead, she heard my desperate cry for help suckers.

With Spanish ports-of-call in her itinerary, April was exactly where she needed to be – the homeland of Chupa Chup suckers. That’s right, they are Spanish imports. Salvador Dali himself designed the logo. And no I did not make that up.

So, this Friday I opened my mailbox and found these:

Oh yes. April had mailed me Strawberry Yogurt Chupa Chups!!! Now that is a friend.

She even paid a ridiculous 70 cents a piece! Blame the exchange rate, not the candy. Honestly, at that price, I would have lied to me and said I didn’t happen to find any.

For these Chupa Chups I am forever thankful. I’ve had one at it was just as amazing as I remember. Now I’m figuring out what to do about the other three. Eat them at will? Ration them at one per month? Book a flight to Spain?

I find the last option the most alluring.

But bottom line, I owe April. Big time.

Today, in the midst of an out-of-control cleaning rampage, I sat down for a few minutes to read April’s blog. And I heard her cry for help.

April has a very special dresser. In fact, it is The Dresser.

This is The Dresser:

It is hand decorated, bright, happy and I assure you – one of a kind.

It needs to find a new home and quickly.

You’ll want to read the whole story here: Tribute to Teenage Girlhood seeks loving home.

If you can use this dresser in your home, your apartment, your office, your anywhere…please let us know right away. The dresser is functional, beautiful, house broken and well behaved. But sadly, it’s family just doesn’t have room for it anymore. Every dresser deserves a home. Call, email or comment below if you can adopt The Dresser.

I’d take The Dresser if I could. I remember it vividly though I don’t think I’ve seen it in person in about 7 years.

If we had the space, you could bet your bottom dollar I’d snatch it right up! But I don’t – so this is someone’s lucky day. The dresser is located in good ole Streator but I’m betting with some Streator Girl coordination, it could be arranged to find its new home just about anywhere.

April helped me when I needed it the most.

Now she needs help and I can’t pretend I don’t notice.

So you – you dedicated blog readers who slack at your day jobs to read these posts – you can’t let me down.

Help us find The Dresser an appropriate home…please.


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