A Good Good Night

15 Feb

So I swear by it that I’m going to finish my little series of “Tales of Tying the Knot” posts – I have to – they are key to finishing my very scrapy scrapbook of wedding stuffs. But I’m going to jump out of order to share a few photos today.

I’m working on wedding albums for our parents. It’s our Christmas gift to them. But you know how things go. Especially my things. They happen when they will. So today, I’m finishing up their albums. Hands down, most difficult thing I have ever made. How am I to know which photos they want to see in their albums, I ask you. HOW AM I TO KNOW??

Anyway. I’m having a blast reliving our wedding and just for a laugh, I share with you a few of my very very favorite photos:

First dance or Elvis concert? People are nearing hyperventilation in this photo.

Please note the facial expressions in the background. Love it!
Love that my dad and brother are in the same state of disbelief.You don’t fake that sort of surprise.

Good stuff! Back to making these wedding albums and trying to decide if they would prefer an emphasis on wedding party or wedding ceremony photos. HOW AM I TO KNOW?!

PS – All photos by Turner Creative Photography.


One Response to “A Good Good Night”

  1. April February 15, 2010 at 2:30 pm #

    I started a similar sort of – um – Christmas present endeavor. I started 5 days before Christmas. I then planned to have them completed by my wedding. I now plan to have them finished by the birth of my first child…I have no idea what I was thinking.

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