Happy Dog Day!

7 Feb

Today is my favorite day of the year. It’s Pet Parade Day in St. Louis. Or as I like to think of it – it’s Happy Dog Day.

The St. Louis Pet Parade is on of my favorite things about living in St. Louis. It makes me beyond happy. It’s like Christmas. I love dogs.

No, you don’t understand. I LOVE dogs.

Whoever you know that loves dogs a lot, I love them more than that person. K? Good.

I of course go camera crazy at the Pet Parade and so I have narrowed down my 300+ pictures of some of my favorites.

Jenny, Brandon and Suzy met us at the parade.

Remember Suzy? She used to look like this:

Mmhmm. That was one year one month ago and now she looks like this:


Suzy wore a pale purple skirt in tulle by Dollar Tree Courture and a soft green wings in Nylon with Glitter also by Dollar Tree.

It was her first pet parade and if I had to guess, I’d say she loved it as much as I did.

I love how seriously the STLPD takes their duty at the Pet Parade:

To Serve and Protect. And Lead Pet Parades.

Dog time. In no particular order, an insane amount of photos of dogs…

Suzy, trying to figure out how you fit a whole dog in that little body. Bulldog, starting to develop a complex about his height.

This dog reminds me of the beast in Sandlot!  (Still one of my favorite movies.)

Just a pair of your average lap dogs…

Aww tiny little boxer guy with a smooshy face!!

A nice example of the classic chubby baby/chubby puppy combo.

Cute bulldog. Wait. What am I looking at? I have to get closer.

Oh of course! It’s a tiny cowboy in a tiny sadle riding the giant bulldog. Now I get it.

Wait. What??

Ever see Turner and Hootch? Another one of my favorites! This guy was super sweet. His tongue though. Who could live in the same house with that tongue??

I love that color!!

Crimony. Big guy looks like he’s been getting into whatever’s in that barrel.

The jury is still out on what the hell this is.

So soft, so sweet, so docile. I need one of these in my living room!

An Australian Shepard/Boxer mix with one half blue eye. Yes, it was just half blue.

And now ladies and gentlemen, the star of our parade. Miss Suzy:

Such a regal looking creature.

Suzy is also super smart, as demonstrated above, where she is trying to peer out from under her mask.

She got used to me being all up in her business with my camera, and started striking poses.

She thinks she may have a future as a fashion model.

I think she’ll  need to check a few of her habits though. Mainly this one…

No offense Suzy. I’m just saying, I rarely see Heidi Klum drool like this. Kate Moss maybe, but never Heidi Klum.

Happy Dog Day : )


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