The Blog Next Door

3 Feb

I’m hooked on blogs. It’s easier to get to know people via blogs, then make friends with actual people.

I’m not good at all that “keeping in touch” business, but I’m pretty good at remembering to stalk other people’s blogs so it works out for me.

Anyway – I’m going to share a few other blogs with you, but only if you promise to come back and read mine!

Confessions of a Young Married Couple – Perfect, witty, honest. I appreciate very much that their relationship started like ours – in high school – and has survived college and grad school just like Zac and I. I appreciate even more that they are a few years ahead of us and already breeding, so we can get a realistic glimpse of that : )

This next blog, to be honest, I haven’t read yet: Our Front Door. It was featured on Marriage Confessions as a Reader of the Month. I intend to go read it as soon as I finish this post. Anyway, in a brief interview with the blogger (who was the Reader of the Month) they asked her why she blogs. She said this:

“I am a storyteller at heart.  When anything of even minor interest happens in my life, my brain goes into edit mode and I start thinking about how I can tell the story of what just happened.  As a storyteller, it’s not enough just to write it down in a journal.  I want an audience.  I love feedback.  A blog is perfect for that.

That actually sounds more than a little narcissistic, but true.”

Truer words have never been spoken. If you’ve ever wondered why I blog, that is it. Sorry to disappoint you if you thought it was for your entertainment. But honestly, that statement just struck a chord with me and couldn’t be more spot on. I would venture to guess it is the simple truth about every person who has ever been a journalist, a novelist or any other kind of writer. It’s just the really good ones lie enough to make the story worth telling : )  (Not the journalist though. Journalist never lie. Columnists are another story. That’s why you read the columns and skip the news.)


One Response to “The Blog Next Door”

  1. klmphotos February 4, 2010 at 10:54 pm #

    I blame you – I blame you for all of it!

    I already have a million things to do…and now I have yet another blog to read. Shame! SHAME on you!

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