My God. My God.

1 Feb

I’m not really clear on what I was thinking when I decided it would be a good idea to do ALL of these projects at ONCE. Five projects. Five seperate rooms/areas of our house.

Yes, actually, I do know what I was thinking. I was thinking that they all required a lot of lumber. The same type of lumber to be exact, so it made sense to by it all at once and plan out all the measurements to assure that we didn’t create scrap lumber, but rather pieces that would be used for other projects.

That part worked really well.

It was the part about moving all the furniture from one room to another, then to another, then to the hallway, then back out of the hallway every night as to not create hazards that I didn’t think through.

There are two Christmas trees in my living room. There is a TV stand and television set at the top of my stairway. Just in case we need to re-celebrate Christmas or watch the news as we climb the stairs.

Oh well. Its getting done. Slowly, but surely, we are making big progress. In the mean time, my photo computer is shut down and wrapped in sheeting to protect it from saw dust and paint splatters. Regular blogging will resume when the projects are complete. Some time next year I suspect.


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