Me and my little ideas

29 Jan

I tend to have ideas. Small ones. At first. Then my ideas breed like rabbits and before you know it, I’m knee deep in big ideas.

My latest little idea was spawned by our annual “are we going to move” conversation. We have this conversation every January.

“Are we going to move North in April?” (That’s when our lease is up.)

“Are we going to move into the city in April?” (Hell to the no.)

“Are we going to try to find a house?”

“Are we going to try to find a larger apartment?”

“Why do we live in the Over-Priced Real Estate capital of the world?”

And this year the conversation ended with the same decision it did last year. Staying put and re-evaluate next January. I like my job. I like my house. I do not like moving. But…

We’re having space issues. We have a lot of storage space actually, it just isn’t very useful. Lots of very deep closets, that sort of thing. So my little idea was that we buy us some cheap lumber and put up some new shelves to make the closets more useful and lessen the headache of trying to get things in and out of the closets.

Easy. Simple. Quick. Inexpensive.

And then all of sudden we were having this conversation…

“What is a responsible percentage of our tax return to spend on storage and assorted apartment-improvement projects?”

“How big could that bookcase be?”

“Can we put drawers in that?”

“But if we do that, we have to buy a new flat screen tv.”

“Can Lowes match the paint on my antique camping lantern?”

“Can you build this so that we can disassemble it when we move?”
“Oh, for sure, we’ll want to take this with us.”
“Definitely, it would be great in a baby’s room.”
“Could you stop saying ‘baby’ please?”
“Can I still put antiques covered in lead-based paint on it if we’re putting it in a baby’s room later? Does lead leave residue?”
“I choose not to hear you.”

And now, one too many conversations later, we are building 3 small tables/bookcases, adding shelving to 3 closets, and building a monstrosity of a shelving unit for our office. This weekend. Cus that’s how I roll.

This is the only part that concerns me…(Zac has different concerns I’m sure)… I want the monstrosity of a shelving unit to be painted green-ish. Like a Cape Cod, worn-by-the-salt-water green. I spend oodles of time in our office working on photography related stuffs and I want the space to be neat and happy. And a pretty green color fits the bill. But I’m very concerned we will end up with this:

It’s lovely, of course. It’s just that Fenway is more suited to giant green monstrosities than my office.

And once I tried to paint my bedroom walls a deep yellow – a very warm sunflower, Tuscan yellow. I got Sponge Bob yellow walls instead. Once bitten twice shy I suppose.

Stayed tuned for details of our little projects. Amusement is sure to result.


4 Responses to “Me and my little ideas”

  1. klmphotos January 29, 2010 at 5:37 pm #

    rabbit-breeding ideas are my specialty in life!

  2. Claire January 30, 2010 at 9:05 am #

    First off…you need to buy a house, yes its scary, but it is so worth it, your $$ is going to something that is YOURS!! I love owning our own house, because we can have DOGS and Kitties!! Just like you need! Second, ideas, keep on rolling, they always turn out fun! Third, green, good choice, enough said! Fourth, baby, ok, can I spoil!? Babysit, buy for, and spoil!?! LOL!

    • maggieandzac January 30, 2010 at 7:30 pm #

      Ha! I’m not afraid of homeownership, its just not logical right now, especially not when we live in Edwardsville. I have absolutley no interest paying tens of thousands of dollars in taxes a year. And! We were just approved to be foster parents for puppies! So that solves the pet problem!!

      • Claire January 31, 2010 at 9:22 am #

        Yayayayayaa puppies!! How much is property taxes down there? I thought it was a cheaper place to live, see how much I know !LOL!

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