A brief weekend overview

24 Jan

I have a lot to share from this past weekend, both in photo and story form.

We drove up to Streator on Friday to wish my Pa a happy birthday (Happy Birthday, Dad!) and to use my parents home as a bed and breakfast en route to April and Matt’s wedding in South Bend, Ind.

There was a big teeny tiny bonus waiting for us. Her name is Honey:

No she does not belong to us. More on Honey later.

Then there was April and Matt’s beautiful wedding in the beautiful Basilica at Notre Dame:

Followed by a beautiful reception with lots of awesome vintage-book details:

And first dances, toasts and all the usual wedding loveliness…

And a fabulous party. Maybe it was too fabulous.

Maybe so fabulous some of us had to go to bed at 7:30 p.m.

And maybe, for once, that someone was NOT me!

I – O – W -A


These are the best friends people could ever have.

Trust me you want them as your friends. Too bad for you though cus we’re really snotty and we are not accepting new friends right now. Just kidding. Mostly. Back to the weekend…

There was brunch at the this gorgeous place.

And then there was a visit to the beach.

So there you are, a comprehensive answer to the “What did you do this weekend?” question. Check back over the next few days because I have LOTS of pictures and lots of stories to expand on Honey, the beautiful wedding, the beautiful vintage-book details, the fabulous and out-of-control party, my awesome friends, brunch at the mansion and wintry beaches.

Many, many congratulations to April and Matt.

And many, many high fives to my friend Brandi, for resurrecting the high five with great passion.


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