7 Jan

Every now and again a few days will sneak by without something photo related being the star of my show. On those days I forget how enticed I am with photography. How much the captured moments capture me. How startled I get by the way the emotion changes, shines through, as I manipulate the light, darken the shadows. Then I get my camera out, or sit down to process something and I remember instantly.

Photography is my drug. It rocks my socks. I guess there’s just some things you’re supposed to do.

I haven’t photoed anything or processed a photo in over a week. It was painful, but I was sick and bound to my couch with a book (a book about a wedding photographer, so at least there was that). Tonight I played with some honeymoon pictures. It seemed like a good idea. I slave (in a good way) for hours to bring out the most in everyone elses photos! So I figured I’d try it on my vacation photos, the kind that normally get the 1-hour printing and stuffed in an album treatment.

So here are three of my favorites from my photo fun tonight:

Steel drums melt my heart. Most definitely my favorite sound in the world. Best paired with lightly crashing waves and frozen rum beverages.

Big favorite with this one. That kiddo was about 11 years old. And rockin’ his horse down the beach all by his lonesome tryin to make a buck. Smart kid to recognize what few resources he had…a horse, a beach, a sunset and a scrawny build that looks good in silhouette.

Another favorite. I grabbed my camera because this guy grabbed my attention. He’d stopped yelling out about his wares, stopped lobbying for attention. He was quiet, just looking, walking a bit slower than he had when he’d headed the other way down the beach an hour or so before. Made we wonder what was on his mind. My favorite thing about this whole photo is his bare feet and the exact way he’s holding that hat in his hand. (Yes I realize I’m getting deep over a photo of a Jamaican with a bag of hats. I told you photography was my drug.)

So anywho there’s some photos to warm you up while we await the next great snow storm!


One Response to “Photos”

  1. mom January 7, 2010 at 9:53 pm #

    My absolute favorite is the lad on the horse. so simple, just him and his horse. do ya think he realizes that we pay small fortunes to witness the beautiful beach he plays on every day? it just goes to show, the simple things are the best in life and personally i think he knows it!!! great capture mags!!

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