Molly, Erik + Aubree

4 Dec

I think I’ve teased you with enough “sneak peek” photos. It’s time for the real post.

I absolutely  love this little family. You can just tell how much they love each other! And I feel like this session is exactly what I’m after when I take photos… real pictures of people interacting the way they do on any regular day. Not that the Gallick family heads out to Spring Lake and decorates random trees on any given day, but you know what I mean! I think we really captured them interacting as a family. That’s the sort of thing I would want to remember, the kind of thing I want in my photo album 20 years from now. But enough of my photo philosophy lets get to it. We’ll begin with a campaign for literacy:

Read to your children. They’ll grow up to be bloggers.

And moving on some general Gallick family awesomeness…

I promise I take color photos. I’m juse in a black and white mood today.

Get ready for some Christmas cheer!!

I really  had so much fun with this session! A big thanks to every one who left such kind comments about the photos! And  a big thanks to Zac for always getting up early and hauling Gladys all around without a complaint and for hanging Christmas decorations in random wooded areas.

I wish I had photos of the reaction we got from the nice couple patrolling Spring Lake. (Patrol is probably not the right word, they’re volunteers and they take care of the park and keep it looking amazing. But I don’t know a word for that. Park Volunteers I guess.) Anyway… you should have seen the confusion when they came strolling down the pathway (they couldn’t see us yet) and spot Gladys and her ottomon randomly placed in the middle of a bunch of tall grass. It was pretty heavy confusion. Then they spotted the stockings hung in the woods and the decorated Evergreen. I think they thought they were on candid camera.

So any who… that wraps up my adventures in photography for 2009!  A big thanks to everyone who helped me out and encouraged me along the way. You rock my world.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a Christmas vacation to begin.


One Response to “Molly, Erik + Aubree”

  1. Molly December 6, 2009 at 3:21 am #

    WOW! More! Thank you so much for the VERY sweet comments! You captured all of Aubree, that’s for sure! The dirty looks, goofiness & all! I love your explanation of the “Park Volunteers”…they were totally confused! Plus, there was a couple walking the trails that had to stop & watch the session for a bit! They loved it! I can’t tell you enough how thankful we are…you really did capture us, and everyone keeps telling me how much they love the pictures! GREAT JOB!!! Have fun on your VACA!!

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