Friends and Family

26 Oct

There are just two things in life that matter: friends and family.

I don’t know which makes us more blessed, to say that we count our family as friends or that we count our friends as family. But I do know that nothing will give you more piece of mind or a greater sense of peace and blessing then to be surround by a group of people who believe in you, support you and celebrate with you.

Throughout the whirlwind week that was our wedding we heard from countless people… front desk staff, wedding planners, our photographer, even Galena shop owners that we have  “the greatest friends and family.”

We already knew that. But we’re thrilled that everyone else noticed exactly how great you all are too!

I’d be willing to bet the Ramada has never seen so much fun in their lobby…in the early morning, in the afternoon…and yes, even in the middle of the night. Several members of the front desk staff went on about how friendly, fun and gracious all of our guests were. And it may have been the most packed dance floor our DJ has ever witnessed! The nice man that owns the now infamous “purse store” in downtown Galena gushed about how he loved talking to all of guests who had stopped in!

And can we talk about how helpful you all are? Our wedding was set up in the blink of an eye. With the assistance of several cases of beer. But that isn’t the point. And just as quickly as it was set up and celebrated, it was cleaned up! We were so amazed by how everyone pitched in! We strolled into the ballroom Sunday morning ready to roll up our sleeves and clean up! But everything was already done. The boxes were packed up, the straw was swept from the floor and our gifts were packed safely into the Streator-bound caravan of trucks, trailers and vans.

I know I mentioned to a few people over the course of the weekend and we truly mean this – we felt like we were on vacation! From the time we arrived Thursday morning until we left Monday afternoon, everything was flawless and stress free. We never once worried about anything, hurried or felt stressed. It was like a big vacation with all the people we love and some fancy clothes. And that wouldn’t have been possible with out the help we received!

So you can understand my confusion when someone would point to a guest and say, “Now who is that over there?” How do I explain who these people are… Do I say it’s my cousin? Or one of my closest friends?  Do I say they’re the girls I went to high school with? Or my complete support system? Do we say, they’re friends of the family? People my parents know? Or simply they’re the kind of people you keep close by through thick and thin? We don’t know. And that is why we are so very luck, so very blessed, so very thankful.

You made our wedding everything we wanted and more! Much thanks to you!

Stay tuned for lots of photos of the celebration! We love you, yes, but that doesn’t mean we are going to hold back and not post embarassing dance photos of you. Or photos of you mixing drinks under your table. Or photos of you staggering out the door. Oh no, we won’t spare you any embarassment. The photos are coming…


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