Not suitable for children

24 Sep

In case you read my blog posts to your children as bedtime stories…skip this one.

It is time to review the bachelorette party. Although not in any great details because…well… I prefer to maintain my prim and proper appearance. HA!


All the ladies! Half of them drove for an entire day to be there! Thanks!

My and the mama...she is a brave woman attending this party.

My and the mama...she is a brave woman attending this party.

And this is what I saw when I walked in!

All kinds of cute lingerie hanging from a clothes line!! Too cute!!!

All kinds of cute lingerie hanging from a clothes line!! Too cute!!!

There were clothes pins with each of the girls’ names attached and I had to pin their names to the correct pieces of lingerie. I was really bad at it, despite their clever clues! But I think they liked that I was bad at it and took it upon themselves to yell “EEEHHHHH” each time I pinned a name to the wrong item. It was like playing Operation – Live! Each time I got one right (never) I got a gift. The gifts were awesome. I’m not going to tell you about them though. Sorry. But you’ll sleep better at night if I don’t. Moving on…

Every party needs a cake and this one kept with the theme:


Yuppers. That’s a boobie cake! How cute is that!! The boobies were made of rice krispie treats and dressed in a modest yet sexy bra made of rolled fondant. And it was delicious!!!

So after cake and wine and wine and wine. And a  brief fashion show. We headed off to dinner! Which was of course eventful given our blow up “friends” and my hankering to harass every person I came in contact with. We took a shuttle to the restaurant. The shuttle drivers name was Woody. Seriously. Sorry buddy but you go around wearing a name tag that says Woody and you’re just asking for it. He was  good sport though. And somewhere there is a picture of me, Woody and his blow up counter part : )

After dinner we headed to a piano bar, which along with hole-in-wall bar, shady bar, townie bar, and deserted bar is among my favorite types of bars.

They play allll kinds of music. And everybody sings. Loooouuud. Especially me. So you can imagine my excitement when I was called on stage to sing and dance to one of my most favorite songs…. Uptown Girl!! Of course I didn’t go alone…


I took my girls and my blow up friend : )



After we boogied on down to Uptown Girl, they sang a verse of Goin to the Chapel. And then, as is tradition, they sang “You picked a fine to leave me Lucille…” and everyone sang back “…you b*tch! you sl*t! you wh*re!” And I LOVED it! I’ve yelled those words to many a bachelorette on previous trips to the piano bar and I was quite pleased that they were finally yelling them at me! (I toldyou this wasn’t suitable for children.)

And then there was some drinking. I know this because as I reviewed the photos I spotted my drinking eyes. Most people’s eyes turn to slits when they’ve been enjoying some adult beverages. Not mine. Observe, Specimen A:


Whoa sister. Those eyes are growing…

And again, in Specimen B:



But that didn’t last long because it was HOT! And there was A LOT of dancing to be done!!

And then the men joined the party…

Couples who play together, stay together : )


He’s so cute.

And he likes to double up on his bourbon apparently!


And even my Pa came along to join in the maddness.

I know it looks like it in this picture, but honestly no one needed to hold me upright!!


I’d share more of the pictures (and believe me there are A LOT) but I’m not going to.

No need to put all that business out there! The memories will do!

As with the shower, I was so blown away by how awesome everything was and how generous everyone was!!! It was the best bachelorette party I could have ever wanted! I loved every minute of it! No detail was overlooked…there were decorations and custom art work (sorry, not sharing those pics!)…straws…beads…WINE…custom soundtracks…blow up friends…and real friends. It was fabulous!! A huge thanks to my bridesmaids for making it so so awesome!! I’ll never forgot it, it was by far the most fun I’ve had in a long time! And to all of my awesome lady friends for partying all day long with me and making the trip to St. Louis! And for the assorted panties : )


One Response to “Not suitable for children”

  1. erica turner September 25, 2009 at 2:31 am #

    Hey Maggie! Love this post! Looks like you had so much fun, and the details are adorable. That cake is the best shower cake I have ever seen 🙂

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