I'm so excited.

1 Sep

I know you came here expecting a full shower recap…

It’s just that….well….I’M TOO EXCITED TO BLOG!!!! Oh my gosh!! The shower was SO EXCITING! And I’m just not over it enough to blog about it yet. Give me until tomorrow. Right now, I still get choked up over all those beautiful mums and all the love and generosity! (And I haven’t had a chance to download my photos.)

Honestly, I’m still so overwhelmed by the whole thing. And by the number of gifts in my living room. As soon as I get my head around it a bit more, I’ll blog and post lots of photos and attempt to thank everyone enough.

For now I’ll just issue my formal apology for over-use of the word “excited.” No I won’t. I’m not sorry. I was really that excited!!!


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