Book. Your. Wedding Hotel Room. Seriously.

27 Jul

If you have not booked a room for the wedding weekend and would like to do so, I strongly encourage you to call the Ramada as soon as humanly possible (815-777-2043).

Do not try to book online. You will receive a message stating no rooms are available. Because there are no more available unless you call and book within our block of rooms.

On September 10, any rooms remaining in our block will be released. So after that, there is a very very very slim chance that you would still be able to book. And even if you got lucky enough to snag a room, you’d be paying out the wahzoo for it. And no one wants to do that!

Also – if you made your reservation online and are not certain that you received the discounted rate, please call the Ramada and check with them. The front desk staff is very helpful and will see to it that you are booked within our discounted block.

That’s all for today. I promise I have fun and exciting wedding planning updates, complete with pictures. But I don’t want you to spend any more time on this blog. I want you to book a hotel room. Then we’ll have fun.

PS – Those poor, poor people at the Ramada. We will be taking over the entire hotel, save for about 5 rooms. Whoever is staying in those rooms has my sincere apologies.


One Response to “Book. Your. Wedding Hotel Room. Seriously.”

  1. Claire August 6, 2009 at 1:26 am #

    Ummmm wayyyyyyy done…haha I was on that!

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