I call her Gladys

6 Jun



Meet Gladys. The chair to end all chairs. You may recall hearing about here in A Chair + A Story.

I know you all cocked your heads and thought, “Really?” when I gushed over this chair. What now?! Do you see her?! She’s magical.

Admittedly, Gladys is a bit of an eyesore in my living room. But put her in green grass with a bright blue sky, the sun reflecting off her crushed velvet and wowzer, she’s a knock out.

Nabbing some shots of Gladys (So that I could formally introduce her) also gave me a chance to practice capturing sun flare. (These is the kind of mindless chatter your going to have to deal with as you witness this blog progress from a learning platform to an honest business. I’m sure its going to be interesting. I just wanted to warn you.)

So anyway…many a photographer has practiced how to avoid sun flare. I love it. But I was operating under the assumption that it just happened. Magically. Turns out you can maximize your sun flare return by manipulating your settings a bit. So I had to practice! Check out all that sun flare baby!


Its pretty damn fabulous in black and white too.

(And if you’re interested – and only Kate will be interested in this – 1/40 of a second, f/22, ISO 400. I told you only Kate would care. Hi Kate. Are you running out the door with your camera yet? Kate loves sun flare too.) (I hear you strangers going, Who’s Kate?!)

Back to Gladys and the sun flare. Which would be a great children’s book for kids of photographers. Man I am all over the place tonight.

Serious back to Gladys and the sun flare. Zac stopped grilling meat just long enough to sit on Gladys and demonstrate just how fabulous she is going to be during photo sessions.



Gladys is also going to be a great addition to vintage-looking photos.

Some people really love this vintage feel.
Some people really hate it (they get all wound up about skin tone).
Fine either way, to each their own.

Here’s Gladys and Zac doing their best to appear vintage.


So which type are you? Are you disturbed to your very core over the color of the sky? Or do you think that looks damn cool? I like both versions. I’m like that though. Easy.

Lets get one more good look at Gladys shall we:


That weird orb in the middle is not artistic expression.
Its a thumbprint on my lens. Sorry bout that. Look past it.

Gladys will be starting in a family session and a senior session this weekend. So check past next week to see her in action.

PS – To all of you awesome people who blew up my blog stats yesterday and then told me you loved my photos – thanks. You’re helping me change my life and that rocks. And you rock.

If you want your picture taken in Gladys, click here for details.


5 Responses to “I call her Gladys”

  1. shelsey kennedy June 6, 2009 at 1:51 pm #

    Great pictures Maggie! I love the sun flare look it really adds life to the pictures.


  2. Kate June 8, 2009 at 2:13 am #

    Hahaha…of course I love sunflare! I was practicing my sun flare a few weekends ago…but I don’t have Gladys. (which by the way is a difficult name for me to spell…). I need to call you this week – we need to have dinner!

  3. Claire June 10, 2009 at 12:36 am #

    So I know Kate, HI KATE!! Your chair is Amazing, and will def change your life I love her. We shall be talking soonly to make plans for a Camping/not trashing the dress session, what a weekend!

  4. jackie June 17, 2009 at 3:47 am #

    is that the chair thatu want to put my baby boy in?


  1. Sneak Peak: Times 2 « - July 1, 2009

    […] those of you who don’t know, Gladys is the chair. Not the guy in the chair. His name is Alex. Not Gladys. Although that would be more […]

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