Road trip Friday

24 Apr

It’s roadtrip Friday! Which is even better than paycheck Friday! And its hot and sunny at the makes it even better! Winter really sucks the life out of me but days like this make me want to do jumping jacks just for fun of jumping in the air.

It surprises me that I like road trips as much as I do considering I spend 10+ hours a week on the interstate. But I do. This weekend is a split up road trip. We’re headed to Streator tonight then on to Galena in the morning. We have very serious business to take care of in Galena.

We have to taste food.

I’m not looking forward to it at all : )

I’m pretty darned excited about this food tasting though, it means we are really getting closer to the big day and I’m looking forward to snagging some pictures of the ballroom space which I failed to do last time.

Anway, the food. So we’re going to taste six different entrees and come to a consensus on what we should feed you good people. There are stuffed pasta purses in the running. Something really fantastic will have to be tasted to knock out the pasta purses. It only seems right to serve food representative of two of my favorite things: pasta and purses.

Then, and this is the best part, we are going to hit downtown Galena where I am going to go straight to the Great American Popcorn Company and get the biggest bag of carmel popcorn I can get my hands on. Yummy! (And finally the truth comes out about why we’re getting married in Galena… hehe)

I also really want to swing by my favorite Galena store – Poopsies. Cute name, yes? The first time Zac and I went there all of the workers had pairs of pink balloons taped to their boobies. We were like…umm, those are nice. And the lady said, “its Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Squeeze your boobs!!” Awesome. I will forever love that store because of that. I hope to never drop in during Testicular Cancer Awareness Month, if there is in fact such a thing.

Poopsies has lots of random things you don’t see elsewhere – wierdo toys and games, art work, a whole selection of fun. They also carry prints by my most favorite artist Brian Andreas, the Story People guy.

Here’s a Story People example:


You probably can’t read that… it says “looking for a slinky black dress for later on which is how you can tell this is a fairy princess with an edge”

my other favorite:


“somone asked them to be quiet, so it’s just a matter of time before all hell breaks loose”

That one reminds me of slumber parties, church, inappropriate restaurant antics, high school english classes and my mom and Cindy : )

Story People are all like this, crazy, colorful abstract drawings with brief stories written on them. I’ve always been more into the art of words than the art of say…sculpture or painting…so these work for me. And there is definitley a Story People print for everyone and every occasion! If you have been in my house, you have witnessed my love of the Story People which adorn my stairwell. I also like to frame them and give them as gifts. I like the look on people’s faces…”what the hell did you just give me?!?” because they are so off-beat. At first glance they seem to think I framed something I drew in kindergarten.

Today I decided that I think I will buy me a Story People each time we go to Galena just because. You can buy them elsewhere and online, but that was where I first found them, so that means more to me. So, Story People shopping is also on tomorrows agenda!

You can Story People shop for yourself here. Just flip through all of the different stories, they will make you smile!

Have a lovely weekend all…I’m hoping to blog later about the food tasting if the caterer isn’t too freaked out by my taking pictures of the food!


5 Responses to “Road trip Friday”

  1. Galena/JDC CVB April 24, 2009 at 4:39 pm #

    So glad to hear that you are not only coming to Galena, but having your wedding here! Galena will always hold a special place in your heart! Best of luck to you… Galena/Jo Daviess County CVB

  2. mom April 24, 2009 at 8:45 pm #

    im going with you!!! cant wait

  3. Shelsey kennedy May 2, 2009 at 12:41 am #

    I heard the food tasting got cancelled what happened? Anyway it sounds like your camping trip was a blast. Mark and I really want to go with the two of you on one this summer we will have to make plans.

    Love ya

  4. Kate May 15, 2009 at 1:44 pm #

    So…the second story people you posted…My first thoughts were…Oh man that reminds me of Maggie, and slumber parties, and English class…then I read what you wrote and laughed out loud. Oh we think too much alike!

    P.S. We are having you and Zac over for dinner as soon as my move is finished and the house is cleaned! Expect an invitation…

  5. bob p October 21, 2009 at 11:26 am #

    really interesting post thanks.

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