Well this could change everything…

31 Mar

You’ll need to read the previous post for this one to make sense.

Do you know what else Amazon has? Every brand of kitchen utensil ever created. At a lower price.

Look at this, just look at it!

31hvwnlrrzl_aa280_That, is a Cuisinart Retro Ice Cream Scoop. Oh yes, there is an entire line of retro kitchen gadgets!! And I don’t have to wonder if the Kohls in La Salle Peru has the same ones as the Kohls in Edwardsville! Oh sweet internet. This means I may need to reconsider my kitchen gadget choices. Zac just burst into tears at the thought of having THAT conversation again!

Fiestaware. Retro gadgets in Seafoam green. Hot damn I ought to wear and apron and throw a Tupperware party!

I also really really love this:

41wowkkasrl_sl500_aa280_Its a vintage Sprite napkin holder. Isn’t that bazaar?

Also bazaar but suprisingly charming… vintage flour sack towels featuring various states and cities:

518danrzwol_sl160_aa160_I assure you these types of things are not available at Kohls. I think my kitchen just went Retro…


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