Oh. Hell. Yes.

31 Mar

We (meaning I) desperately want Fiestaware. I have long been in love with the simple, casual and bright feeling of Fiestaware. I like that you can mix and match 12 different colors at a time, or when holidays, like the 4th of July are near, you can use just your reds and blues. Oh gosh, I get excited just thinking about it.

Needless to say, we are registering for Fiestaware and those who gift us with Fiestaware will surely be invited to dinner for many years to come : )

There was a Fiesta-issue though…we are registered for kitchen wares mainly at Kohls which for some unexplainable reason only carries 4 of the 12 available colors. Not acceptable. I want more than 4 colors. Bergners has more colors, but their sale prices do not please me and they don’t have the type of place setting we like.

I had settled on JcPenny – we were going to register for all of our Fiestaware through JcPenny and hope you lovely people didn’t mind the extra effort of ordering online and then having it shipped to your homes or picking it up at the nearest JcPenny location. I still wasn’t happy though. Shipping dishes isn’t cheap and you had to spend $50 to receive free shipping. Boo. Recessions call for recession-friendly wedding registries and JcPenny wasn’t fitting the bill.

Then. It happened. The words “Amazon wedding registry” appeared before my very eyes. Say what? Amazon wedding registry? I had visions of cookbooks but then I thought, “Fiestaware on Amazon? Could it be?”

OH! IT IS!!! It truly is!! And it is available in 18(!!!) colors, in the place setting we prefer and at the lowest price I have yet to find! (Even lower than Khols, mother of the low price.) AND – Free shipping on orders over $25. And there was peace across the land…

Who’s happy? I’m happy.

I feel like everyone, even the least tech savvy among us, have ordered from Amazon before. No one will have to  leave their couch let alone their hometown to shop for something from our registry. I realize though probably few, if any, of us have used an Amazon wedding registry before so if there are any unusual details to be aware of, I’ll include them on the Registry page of the website when I update it. If you’ll excuse me know…I’m go to see what else I can find on Amazon!

Oh happy day. The sun has just started shining brightly through my office window after a full morning of clouds and rain. I believe even Mother Nature is happy that we can register for Fiestaware knowing that it will be at the best price and greatest convenience possible.


One Response to “Oh. Hell. Yes.”

  1. Zac March 31, 2009 at 7:20 pm #

    Hells Yeah!! Amazon is amazing. My mama would’ve been pretty excited about this!

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