The making of the pew bows

25 Mar

Go ahead. Throw maturity to the wind and giggle at the sound of “pew bows.” Got it our of your system? Let’s move on…

The pew bows are finished! Whoot! I won’t be revealing the finished product here because I don’t want to give away the whole thing, ya know? Ya can’t go flashin your pew bows all over a blog. Maintain the mystery and all that. But they are quite lovely and I must say, I am impressed by the DIY talents of my mother and myself.  We might have a future in the pew bow business.

We started with these:


All of the pictures will be this close up because I don’t want to reveal too much. But the items pictured above where small and numerous. There were about 60 of them. Each of them had at least two sticker tag thingys. All of this had to be removed. This pile of sticker tag thingys was only a preview of the mess we were about to create:


Some of the sticker tag thingys floated to the floor. They were quickly consumed by this monster:


That’s Lily. She rocks.  She’s never met a sock she didn’t like.

This is another pew bow component. Curly raffia. I heart raffia.


I will tie a raffia bow on anything that holds still.  Some of the curly raffia floated to the floor. Again, the monster consumed it.

Once the stickers were removed and the raffia was under control, the real fun started. A peak at the rest of the pew bow supplies:


This is also where the real mess started. In no time we turned the living room floor into a barn:


This time we locked the monster out so she wouldn’t eat our crafting supplies. Instead she found a cutting board that was recently used to shred chicken:


Don’t worry, the cutting board has since been sanitized.

I love to encourage bad behaviors in dogs that do not belong to me. I think its hilarious. Its like teaching curse words to other people’s preschoolers. Totally hilarious. You get all the giggles, none of the repercussions. Here’s another example. This is Suzy. This picture was taken in January:


We took care of Suzy for 4 days. I made sure to keep Suzy sitting on my lap the entire time.

This dog should not be taught that it can sit on people’s laps because well… when we visited Suzy last week, she sat on my lap just like that. But now Suzy weighs 60+ pounds and is well on her way to being a full fledged 250lb adult mastiff. THAT is funny. I will continue to encourage lap-sitting in Suzy whenever I get the chance so that her lovely owners can be horrified when she parks all 250lbs of herself on the laps of elderly visitors and small children. Hilarious.

Probably don’t leave your dog alone with me. I even helped Lily out by rotating the cutting board so she could lick the chicken bits from the side she couldn’t reach. Awesome. Check this dog out.  She stands upright like a person:


And she spends the majority of her time like this, walking upright on two feet with her giant front paws up in the air as if to say “It wasn’t me, don’t shoot!” Except that it probably was her. Because it is always Lily. Because Lily is moderately evil.

Anyway…back to the pew bows. We completed 18 pew bows and all of the boutineers  for the gentleman! It was a ridiculously productive Sunday. And now, when you stroll into the chapel to take your seats you will notice our beautiful pew bows and think of this story. Be sure to give props to my dear mother whose fingers were numb by the time she finished tying the millionth raffia bow.

This coming weekend, we plan to tackle the programs! Work on the programs has already begun. The original plan was revised aburptly when I realized it would require 1,000 (yes, 1,000) sheets of card stock. New plan! I’ll let you know how that goes : )


5 Responses to “The making of the pew bows”

  1. mom March 25, 2009 at 4:45 pm #

    my fingers will never be the same. and yes, i did sanitize the cutting board after you let lily have her way with it. anyone want a new puppy??? i vacumned also!!!

  2. ERICA!!!!!! March 25, 2009 at 8:56 pm #

    Maggie when I get married 100 years from now (that’s about the time that I think I can settle my butt down) I want you and Betsy to make my pew bows *snicker snicker*:)

  3. Jenny March 25, 2009 at 11:01 pm #

    So thats where my dog learned to sit on laps and it also explains her look of complete confusion when people are not so welcoming of this act of love =)

    Just wait till you have children…Suzy and I will teach them wonderful habits

  4. Kate March 26, 2009 at 4:31 pm #

    1,000 sheets of cardstock! What did I sign up for…I guess it’s my turn to loose all feelings in my fingers. Also remind me never to leave puppies, dogs, or preschoolers alone with you! I will see you this weekend for paperfolding/punching-fun! Can we drink too…just a thought.

  5. Shelsey Kennedy March 26, 2009 at 7:21 pm #

    Hey Maggie!
    Lily is adorable! Also, the pew bows are perfect I love the colors.

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