7 months people 7 months!!

17 Mar

We’re getting there! Today (Happy St. Patrick’s Day to you all by the way) is the 7 month mark in the great wedding count down.

I thought I would start feeling the pressure as that number got lower but really things are moving along well. I’d like get some printing and assembling (invites, signage, etc.) done in the next few months because I know as the weather gets nicer Zac and I will have no desire to do things that involve 4 walls and a roof. The same is true for the fall months so maybe these next few weekends will be productive ones for us!

For those of you who intend to mark “Will Attend” on your RSVP cards – just a reminder that you should make hotel reservations as soon as you are able. To answer a few FAQ’s:

  • There is no deposit required to book your room, only a credit card number. You pay in full, in any method, when you arrive.
  • You can cancel up to 24 hours in advance and not be changed a penalty. (So…say you might be prego and due on my wedding day…you could keep your reservation in hopes of poppin’ that baby out a few weeks early. I’m just saying.)
  • If you book online you won’t receive the group discount. Also you will not be placed in the same area of the hotel as the rest of the party animals. If you’ve already booked this way, you can call the Ramada and the friendly people will help to assure you get your discount!

Also – if this post has inspired you to go the wedding website and look up information on booking hotel rooms you may see that the site is currently down. Due to some “compromised” debit card numbers, I’m having to submit new payment info to the website people and in the mean time you’ll just get a blank screen. The problem should be resolved by tomorrow am! If you need hotel info before then click here.

I realize this was a boring and information-only post. I’ll be sure to entertain you tomorrow!


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