I heart Trip Advisor (and their naughty blog)

13 Feb

I’m totally and completely obsessed with Trip Advisor. I love the reviews, the pictures, the travel guides and articles. I can read reviews for hours of places I have no intention of ever visiting. I love that Trip Advisor supplies me with a constant flow of new content to read. I love to make fun of the people who are so ridiculous as to take photos of cracked floor tiles with a zoom lens. Whoa buddy, if your tropical getaway was ruined by a crack in a 6-inch tile you need to seek counseling.

So anyway, I thought Trip Advisor was as good as it got for amusing travel information. Then I heard that the folks who work at Trip Advisor run a blog. Gasp. More continually updated travel information?! Could it be?! Oh, it certainly is.

But its way better than that – they blog about all the things they can’t really put on Trip Advisor. The misspellings and grammar errors that accidentally make reviews crude (e.g.: Loved the food! Tried my husbands crap cakes! Phenomenal!).

Just another travel-related waste of time that I can’t get enough of!

Check it out!


One Response to “I heart Trip Advisor (and their naughty blog)”

  1. Zac February 13, 2009 at 9:46 pm #

    It’s almost as if someone at Trip Advisor can read your mind…combining travel related information, with blogging and a focus on funny grammatical errors! Why, it’s the perfect combination!

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