Piano Man/Rocket Man 1.18.09

31 Jan

We happen to be very big fans of Billy Joel and Elton John. Call it odd or old school, we like either way.

We spend a lot of time in the car making trips to Streator and back and the trips can be excruciatingly long. Especially in the winter. Especially in the dark. I’ve found the only way to prevent going crazy is to make the trip a party. I sing. I dance. I put on quite a show for passers-by in traffic. Anyway – the whole point is – we almost always with very few exceptions rock out to Billy Joel or Elton John. I prefer the Piano Man, Zac prefers the Rocket Man. We compromise. Our Joel/John song collection is practically a sound track to the bast several years of our lives. I think we have a story or memory to go with just about every Billy Joel/Elton John song we know. One of the readings in our less-than-traditional wedding ceremony will actually be the lyrics to my favorite Billy Joel song. My favorite Joel/John related memories?

I remember one night, probably just over a year ago, Zac was trying to study and I was trying to sing. I was singing “Tiny Dancer” one of my Elton John faves. Zac gave up on trying to ignore me and eventually joined in with his most obnoxious Elton John impression ever… “Prettied eyed. Bright red smile. She married a music man.”

Wait. Stop. Hold the press. “Bright Red Smile????” I tried to politely explain to Zac that the woman in the song, the Tiny Dancer if you will, did NOT have a bright red smile. She had a “pirate smile.” A full fledge argument ensued. He insisted that the tiny dancer looked nothing like a pirate. I insisted she looked nothing like Ronald McDonald. Things settled down once we appeared in the High Court of Google Lyrics. The jury ruled in favor of the plaintiff – the tiny dancer had a pirate smile.

A few of you might have the pleasure of recalling when Zac appeared as Elton John in the Streator High School/Streator Unlimited talent show. Oh yes, I performed “Crocodile Rock” like a true rock star. He also wants me to remind you all that the performance was for charity and he only makes a fool of himself when its for a good cause. Otherwise he leaves the jackassery to me :  )

So anyway, all of this was on my mind because this weekend we managed to get tickets to what will surely be one of the best concerts ever – Billy Joel & Elton John – Face2Face. I could not be more excited and I haven’t stopped singing since we bought the tickets. I’ll be sure to blog about how fabulous it was.

Later Alligators – Mags


2 Responses to “Piano Man/Rocket Man 1.18.09”

  1. ERICA!!!!!! February 2, 2009 at 3:21 pm #

    OMG remember when we had to do that Shania Twain medley for that same talent show?? I can’t believe I let you guys talk me into that…I neither like Shania Twain, nor do I dance/perform in front of people!!

    We won $50…that was nice:)

  2. Shelsey Kennedy February 24, 2009 at 7:47 pm #

    Hey Maggie!
    I am soo happy for you guys you’ll have a blast at the concert. I can’t wait to hear all about it. Oh, and about the talent show, it was one of the funniest thing’s I have ever seen in person.

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